Time For Change | Firetree Is Getting Better

Posted by Kyra Williams on September 22, 2017

Twelve Years On | Let’s Streamline Yes it really has been 12 years since I stopped editing music and ‘temporarily’ set up Firetree and as I expect with most businesses it has evolved as it has grown. I have had an extremely busy summer and as it slows down I have spent a couple of …Read more

Julie & David | The Oathill Wedding Photography

Posted by Kyra Williams on September 13, 2017

Julie & David | Umbrellas & Funny Speeches – The Oathill Wedding Photography     How many bridesmaids!     It was a very busy house when I arrived at Julie’s for her bride preparation, there were so many bridesmaids and they were so well behaved! It made the morning so full of energy excitement. …Read more

A Crazy Blustery Day – Hannah & Kyle Wedding Photographer Hothorpe Hall

Posted by Kyra Williams on August 11, 2017

Hannah & Kyle | A very romantic wedding at Hothorpe Hall Hothorpe Hall Wedding Photography       Nervous Calm   I met Hannah at her mum and dads house first thing in the morning to find a very busy household. It was very calm and emotional. I don’t think anyone could quite believe the …Read more

The Great Bake Off With Laura & Michael | Wedding Photographer Market Harborough

Posted by Kyra Williams on August 1, 2017

Laura & Michaels Wedding – The Great Cake Bake Off Wedding Photographer Market Harborough     A Beautiful Cottage Garden & Missing Shoes     I met with Laura, her mum sister and bridesmaids at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Laughton where she was in the middle of her hair and makeup. Expecting their …Read more

David & Anne | Hothorpe Hall Wedding Photographer

Posted by Kyra Williams on July 18, 2017

Hothorpe Hall Wedding Photographer. David & Anne | A Thai Influenced Wedding   Hothorpe Hall Wedding Photographer.       I met Anne first thing in the morning for her bride preparation, it was such a lovely morning filled with excited chatter. Anne had such a beautiful dress. It always surprises me how calm the …Read more

Documentary Newborn Photographer Market Harborough

Posted by Kyra Williams on July 8, 2017

Once In A Lifetime | Newborn Photographer Market Harborough   Whether it is your first or fourth child every mother will say the same, that the early newborn stage of your child’s life is over in a flash. Quite often you are coming to terms with your change in lifestyle, adjusting to having a tiny, …Read more

Super Popular ‘Hello Me!” | Personality Packed Portraits Leicester

Posted by Kyra Williams on May 5, 2017

The First Batch of Fun and Funky Sessions | Super Popular Portrait Photography Leicester   Well these have got off to a flying start and I am having such fun with them! I have had such a mix of children it has been great. So with the first sessions finished I thought I should share …Read more

Approachable Portraits | Style and Pose

Posted by Kyra Williams on May 3, 2017

The Importance Of Making Your Headshot Approachable – Business Portrait Photographer Leicester Natural, Relaxed and Understated – Business Portrait Photographer Leicester.   I recently met with Peppy Ulyett for her business portrait photograph, a first time author wanting a portrait for the back cover of her first book. She contacted me as she didn’t want an air-brushed, …Read more

6 Tips On Viewing Wedding Portfolios | Wedding Photographer Leicester

Posted by Kyra Williams on April 4, 2017

What To Look Out For – Choosing A Wedding Photographer. Winter Weddings and Low Light   Choosing a wedding photographer must be tremendously overwhelming. You only have to post on social media asking for a wedding photographer recommendation and you will be bombarded by a very long list! So where do you start? A wedding …Read more

The Bluebells Are Coming | Portrait Photographer Leicester

Posted by Kyra Williams on March 30, 2017

Spring Means Bluebells! – Portrait Photographer Leicester. Portrait Photographer Leicester   Well this has come around very quickly! The bluebells are already inching through the woodland ground ready for this years bluebell wood portrait shoot. I thought I would give you a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes on my sessions. It …Read more

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