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Principal Photographer – Kyra Williams

I was born in 1973 and I spent the first few years in front of the camera.  My father (Phil Monk FRPS) was an award winning photographer and a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, when I was a child he had a photography studio on the Kings Road in London, he took my sister and I to London fashion shows while he worked then later I spent time on his portrait and landscape courses at home in wales, the ‘National Photographic Centre of Wales’ where he taught.  He brought me a little Pentax ME Super when I was 10 and from there on photography became a part of my life.


kyra williams photographer

My mother also played a significant part in developing my wedding photography, Sylvia left her career in Social Work to become a respected photographer in the South of England, we worked together for a time before her retirement.


I studied Media and Communications at Goldsmiths’ College in London where I studied all aspects of contemporary media with practical training and studies into the influence, effect and application of film, radio, photography, television and press. I had a dream of becoming a journalist but with my photography background I ended up in the Film Department taking stills on the MA film shoots!  I graduated with a BA First Class Honours in Media and Communications and a passion for the film cutting room having co-produced, directed and edited short films for my degree.


I worked for the following years in Soho edit suites and became a video editor working on documentaries and music videos, my show reel includes documentaries on Damien Hirst (Gagosian Gallery Expo), and UB40 and music videos for Fun Lovin’ Criminals (Gay Night), Blue (All Rise), Holly Vallence (Kiss Kiss, Down Boy) to name a few.  In 2005 my twin girls came along, both born at 30 weeks my life changed overnight.  Molly, born at just 2lb 12oz was found to have Cerebral Palsy and with editing work demanding 10 hour days and not much time for my new family… I ‘temporarily’ picked up my camera to photograph part time until I could return to work.


About Kyra Williams Photographer12 years later I still have not gone back to London. With my background in documentary videography and understanding of the social and psychological application of the media I have been growing my business to support other businesses embrace visual media.  I use photography and videography to capture a moment in life rather than staged images.  My background and experience in visual editing and videography has given me an ability to see the world in pictures. I strive to record its natural flow rather than posing and organising people. I also firmly believe that work from a photography shoot should be displayed on the wall and not sit dormant in ‘the cloud’ I supply a wide range of bespoke and beautiful artwork.


As a professionally trained photographer and videographer, I don’t just take images that are well exposed and technically correct, I work with people and children to capture emotive ‘stories’ so that when you return to your image or series of images, whether a wedding, portrait or a corporate project, they are an accurate document of that moment.


If you like my style of work and would like to find out more please contact me, I am always happy to chat.



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Photographer – Piotr Komincz

Piotr (Peter!) wpiotras born in 1981 and is a husband and a father to two children. His love of photography began as a small child and he has been taking professional portraits for the last 12 years, his wife being his first model!  As a teenager his camera travelled with him on every trip. He then started taking photographs of children and later, weddings.

Piotr has a real passion for photographing weddings, capturing emotional moments that will never be repeated. He sees his role not as ‘just a photographer’ but as a family historian.  Piotr is forever searching for different points of view, unusual perspectives and has fantastic creativity in using natural and flash lighting for creative results. As an Associate photographer Piotr often works alongside Kyra and also works as a lead wedding/event photographer for Firetree.