Wedding Photographer Brampton Heath

A ‘Secret Location’ at Brampton Heath


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Fear Of Falling!

It is such a common fear and Becky had one of ‘those’ dreams the night before her wedding! I wonder how many brides wake in the middle of the night with a fear of falling over walking down the aisle. I arrived at Becky’s mums house to find Becky having her hair and makeup done, a little bit worried about it all going wrong at the church. It was a very calm morning despite the nerves and time seemed to fly. I photographed the rings in her parents garden which was beautifully manicured. A nice touch to Becky’s wedding dress was a little piece of her mums wedding dress had been sewn into her dress with Becky’s wedding date carefully embroidered in blue.. so something borrowed and something blue. Becky’s flowers and floral display’s were designed by the lovely Marion at Bluebell Florestry, I love the natural ‘cottage garden’ look and the colours and arrangements were beautiful, Becky also had her late nan’s broach fixed to her bouquet, very touching.


Just Perfect at The Church

Despite all the pre-wedding nerves the ceremony went without a hitch and it was beautiful with some very emotive words from the Vicar. Marianne had put sprays of flowers with jute ties around the church, it had a very cottage feel. The signing of the registers was accompanied by some pretty amazing sining  and Becky left the church through a confetti tunnel to the bells ringing. I could see her visibly relax as she left the church.. all her nerves evaporating! We went back inside the church for some couple portraits to take advantage of the stained glass windows, it’s always nice to do and gave Becky and Chris a little breathing space before heading off to Brampton Heath Golf Centre for the wedding breakfast.


A Very ‘Secret Location’ For Portraits!


Goodness it was hot and sunny! I arrived to the sound of Becky’s old piano teacher paying piano to guests on the veranda. Group shots went quickly against the backdrop of the water and then it was time to find the secret location for couple portraits. Becky and Chris were given the keys to a golfing buggy and we started to wonder where this magical location was. It being a golf course we though it could be anywhere and  quite possibly a bit of a walk. We puzzled a bit as to where to do and should I hang on the back of the golfing buggy with my kit..the buggy said ‘no standing’, so we puzzled a bit more. Perhaps I should get another buggy! Not wanting to spend ages sorting out transport I noticed a pretty line of trees just a short distance from the venue and said that looked perfect for portraits, a few yards away and no need to hang on the back of the buggy we set off, Becky and Chris laughing as they tested the speed of the buggy and me walking at a quick pace behind. It turns out that the ‘secret location’ for portraits was in fact the cluster of trees we had seen, and spitting distance from  the venue. We all found it very funny to have been fussing about transport!

Butterflies In The Sunshine.


Such a lovely wedding with evening drinks on the veranda in the warm sunshine. Becky had a love of butterflies and after her wedding breakfast her parents produced a surprise box and presented it to Becky and Chris on the veranda. She opened it up to find live butterflies! After waking up the butterflies flew around the veranda, landing on hands and on the guests and seemed to want to join in the party. It was such a lovely idea. In a blink we were at first dance and it was time for me to leave. I left the butterflies still flying around the veranda and the guests soaking up the sun!


I hope you like the sneak peek, the full gallery will be ready shortly x