If You Go Down To The Woods Today!

Bluebell Wood Photography & A Little Update.

Hello from Firetree 🙂

This week after my update I am giving a little behind-the-scenes insight into my popular Bluebell Wood Shoot. What to expect, and some answers to some common questions. First though, an update:

Mothers Day:

There is still time to book a portrait session and have gifts in time for Mothers Day. You can book the usual single portrait session for £80 or I have continued my valentines day offer of £125 to include a £25 towards products and a Bamboo Panel Desk Block. I am booking sessions in this week and do have some availability at the weekends at the moment. Please CONTACT ME if you would like to book. I can also sell gift vouchers for the Bamboo Panel offer.

Booking Now:

Underwater Shoots Booking Now.

I am looking forward to the next underwater shoots with Little Splashers Warwickshire and Little Splashers Leicestershire.

Little Splashers Warwickshire has spaces on the 1st March. This will be at Swim Works in Rugby between 10.00 and 12.00. If you are a member of the swim school and would like to book please book HERE.

I am also holding an underwater shoot for Little Splashers Leicestershire on the 14th March at John Cleveland College, Hinckley between 2.00 and 4.00. If you are a member of the swim school and would like to book a space you can book HERE.

Northants Baby & Toddler Show:

Northants Ticket Ad

Franklin’s Gardens, Northampton, Sunday 8th March from 10.00-4.00.

I am going to be showcasing at the Northants Baby and Toddler show on the 8th of March. Entrance is £2.50 in advance or £3.50 on the day. I have 6 complimentary tickets to give away for the event. If you would like a FREE ticket for the event and the chance to receive 50% off one of my portrait sessions – including my Bluebell Wood Shoot, come and find my page on Facebook, post a request for free tickets on my Northants Baby and Toddler Show post and I will draw 6 at random. Details will be posted on Monday on my website and on FACEBOOK.

Bluebell Wood Portrait Photography:

If You Go Down To The Woods Today! Shooting in the woods.

Every year I run private bluebell wood photography sessions. I started looking for a bluebell wood almost as soon as I arrived in Market Harborough and started my photography business. It was not easy, most woods are public and photographers are not very welcome as we do stand on bluebells! It was important to find somewhere private so parents and children felt comfortable and there are no other people in the background. It also needed to be safe. A grass verge on the side of the A14 is not a very good idea! And I needed a wood relatively clear of stinging nettles and brambles.

A very good friend of mine passed the details of a lovely gentleman in Gumley.  He owned private woods and with the promise of helping mend St Helen’s Church roof in Gumley with some of the shoot profts I had found the perfect location.

What Does It Involve?

Sunlit Feel

From a photography point of view it is not always a simple shoot. My photography is natural but that doesn’t mean I only use natural light. I do use reflectors with a gold surface to add warmth and a sunlit feel to the images and sometimes an off-camera flash to add to the natural ambience. If the sun is not out is can be quite gloomy. I also need to be careful to protect the wood so you don’t see to much damage to the wood. I use a very small area of the wood, towards the back away from the path to protect the bluebells and I encourage children to walk along well-walked paths. As well as the additional lighting I use a range of lenses, my favourite being my 70-200 mm, this is a zoom lens and creates beautiful soft backgrounds and gives me the ability to focus on children at a distance so they are not overly disturbed by my presence. It is not particularly cheap at over £700 and I have the Sigma Version, the Canon version of the lens costs over £1600!

Common Questions:

What Shall I Wear?

The wood is full of natural colours, moss green, and the pastel shades of purple and blue. I advise children and family to dress in similar natural tones to compliment the wood. Above all children should be comfortable with wellington boots or closed toe shoes, and warm! A freezing child is never going to make a good photograph.


On The Day:

Tell the children you are going to meet me for a walk in the woods. Try not to tell them they are going on a photography shoot and they have to ‘smile’. It puts children on the defensive. A trip to find the fairies, or a hunt for the Gruffalo is more appealing.

What if it Rains:

Oh the nightmare of photographing in April, In England! Yes it does and can rain. If it is just a little then usually the tree canopy is good enough for me to photograph in the woods. Children can wear wellies and raincoats and the images are still just as stunning. The image below was taken on a rainy day. If it pours, well that is a different story, I try to reschedule and shift the sessions around but sometimes we just have to call it quits. Of course I give refunds on the session fee if we have to cancel.


Final Images.

As with all my photography I shoot RAW and the images are custom edited to add clarity and colour to the bluebells, soften skin and remove blemishes. Over 50% of any image is background so the photographs always make stunning colourful wall displays. All of my wall products now come in ‘Wall Art Clusters’ in sets of 3,4,6 and 8 sets these are cheaper than buying the products individually and enable you to intstantly transform bare walls in your home.

To find out more about this years shoot visit www.firetreephoto.co.uk or book the EVENT HERE. To request a product brochure please CONTACT ME.

So that’s it from me this week. Next week my blog will give you some ideas about how to photograph your children for Mothers Day gifts and a few budget ideas on what you can buy online for you mum or for your children to buy for mums on Mothers Day.

Have a good week!

Kyra x