Wedding Packages | 2019 Discount

Posted by Kyra Williams on March 19, 2019

Late Availability Discount on 2019 Wedding Packages. As we head into wedding season, I have a few spaces left for wedding photography this summer. Discounted or full price all my couples receive the same dedicated and bespoke wedding service that comes with over 14 years photographing weddings. I have 3 wedding packages that I offer …Read more

Sandra and Robert | Kilworth House Hotel

Posted by Kyra Williams on January 18, 2019

Sandra and Robert, a mild and sunny winter wedding at Kilworth House Hotel.

Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer in 6 Simple Steps

Posted by Kyra Williams on December 14, 2018

6 Steps to find that perfect and trustworthy wedding photographer. Look at their unique ‘style’. Check their experience and qualification. Study the lighting in their portfolio. Look at their interpretation of colour by looking at the Bridesmaids dresses. Do their images show a unique point of view? Look at their gallery for storytelling technique. Choosing …Read more

Rocking The First Dance | Pendrell Hall Wedding Photographer

Posted by Kyra Williams on November 14, 2018

Lucy and Jamie | Wedding day at Pendrell Hall  Pendrell Hall Wedding Photographer I felt it time to try and catch up with my wedding blogs! It has been a glorious summer and we are now heading into winter and fearfully I find I have not really kept up! No wedding should miss out on …Read more

Wedding Photography, a Re-Structure and New Focus | Changing Times at Firetree

Posted by Kyra Williams on October 25, 2018

Changing Focus at Firetree Photography | Family Portraits, Wedding and Business Photography. The Art of Juggling Plates | Women In Business Any woman in business, who not only has a family but becomes book keeper, marketeer, business woman and everything else that life throws you way, will understand what it means to juggle many plates. …Read more

Wedding Inspiration | Carve Your Own! The Tythe Barn Wedding Photographer

Posted by Kyra Williams on October 15, 2018

Wedding Inspiration | A Novel Way to Entertain – At The Tythe Barn Ashleigh and Elliott were wed on the 31st August at The Tythe Barn in Taunton. How do you expect to start your wedding breakfast? The traditional way is for the happy couple to enter the room to applause then to have your …Read more

Emily And Ashton | Tipi Wedding Photographer

Posted by Kyra Williams on September 17, 2018

Emily and Ashton | Tipi Wedding Photographer A Beautiful Sunny Day     A Tipi Wedding Wow what a summer for weather this year! The wedding of Emily and Ashton was just perfect in every way. They chose a Tipi Wedding and it could not have had a better the church grounds! The Tipi …Read more

Sam And Matt | An Interesting Entrance!

Posted by Kyra Williams on August 23, 2018

Samantha and Mathew | Wedding Photographer Priest House Hotel A stunning venue:     Samantha and Matt were married on the 21st July at The Priest house Hotel in Castle Donnington. It sits on the bank of a river which was wonderful for wedding portraits. Sam prepared for her wedding in the Lodge, a spectacularly …Read more

Katherine and Paul |Weddings At Kilworth House

Posted by Kyra Williams on January 18, 2018

Weddings At Kilworth House Hotel A Stunning Autumn Wedding with Katherine and Paul at Kilworth House.       Autumn is such a stunning time to have your wedding. Unlike the summer months couples usually always plan for rain and when it doesn’t it is just such a wonderful added bonus! Katherine and Paul really did …Read more

Julie & David | The Oathill Wedding Photography

Posted by Kyra Williams on September 13, 2017

Julie & David | Umbrellas & Funny Speeches – The Oathill Wedding Photography     How many bridesmaids!     It was a very busy house when I arrived at Julie’s for her bride preparation, there were so many bridesmaids and they were so well behaved! It made the morning so full of energy excitement. …Read more

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