Wedding photography in Market Harborough with Christine & James.

It was a late availability wedding just before Christmas and I love these! There is a crazy difference between wedding celebrations and it is great to get such an insight into all of them. James and Christine knocked on my door, just passing out of the blue one afternoon and asked if I could photograph their wedding at the registry office in Market Harborough in a few weeks time. We chatted about their plans and they wanted no photographs of the ceremony at all just some group shots.  I was also told that none of their children wanted to have their photographs taken and they wanted no formal shots just loads of fun! Right up my street really but I thought a little challenging 😉 The registry office in Market Harborough doesn’t have the splendour of a stately home but it does have a fantastic staircase! So that’s what we used and I had a great time with the children and family composing in-formal, unconventional group shots and of course the obligatory confetti shot outside 🙂

Here is a little preview of some of the photographs taken on the day.


If I am not already booked I am more than happy to photograph short, registry office weddings as a last minute booking as long as it is local. I love the simplicity of these weddings and of course it gives me more time with my children on the weekend!