The Christmas Camera Minefield! : What Camera?

In the run up to Christmas I always get asked what camera I would recommend for Christmas presents.  With this in mind I thought it would be a good idea to help you out.  This next blog covers where to start and gives some recommendations.  In the next few weeks I will be covering each camera in greater detail.

So, what would I look for in a camera?  There are so many different cameras on the market with different appeal for different people so you need to ask a few basic questions.

Who are you buying for?

Is it a first camera? for a budding photographer? for a teenager into action photography? an amateur photographer who wants to learn?  And then you need to ask what are they going to be using it for… portraits? action? taking on holiday?

These questions are all going to help you find the right camera.  Budget is also going to be an issue but don’t be afraid of buying last years model or searching on Ebay!

Point and Shoot for the ‘Just Want To Take A Quick Picture’ people:

No compact camera at any price is going to be fast enough for moving images pets or sports but if you can get people to stop and pose and are buying for someone who just wants holiday snaps then a compact camera may be the perfect gift.

I recommend the Canon S120 retailing at around £279, or for a bargain the older S110 varies a little in quality, I even found on on ebay for £139.


For the ‘Photojournalist’ out there:

There are some serious compact cameras out there that really are in a similar league when it comes to taking photographs as the fancier cameras.

I recommend the Fuji X100s this retails at around £799 or I found one on ebay for £439.



This is the more serious option for anyone interested in street or people photography.  Not everyone wants to carry a DLSR around, especially on adventures abroad. This is a little more expensive but takes fantastic people shots, it is the smallest and lightest serious camera available and just perfect if you want fantastic photography but not bothered with the hassle of learning a craft.

For the ‘Bit Of Fun’ photographer!

Have a look at the GoPro range of cameras, the GoPro Hero4 retails at around £279 and is an absolute must have for any keen photographer skateboarder, windsurfer, hoola hooping, rollerskating enthusiast. These cameras are bags of fun and there is no learning needed.  They are amazingly robust and can be attached to nearly anything. There is great fun to be had and the photography can be amazing!  On the GoPro website you can buy bundles of gadgets for the sports that are of interest, there is even a Youtube Channel which GoPro users upload their images to… it is well worth a look!



For the  ‘Want To Learn Photography’ people:

DSLR Cameras: I recommend the Nikon D3300 or the Canon 100D/Rebel retailing at around £350.



These are both just perfect for the keen to learn photographers.  They will not have the price tag of the fancier DSLR but if you want to learn photography there is no need to pay more. These cameras can produce the same images as a more expensive version.  Yes they are the most basic DSLR on the market but the one thing I have learnt about photography is that taking great pictures is understanding how to capture the image you visualise using the camera, rather than the actual camera its self.

Don’t be afraid of buying on eBay!  I have purchased many of my trusted lenses and camera bodies over the years on eBay.   Photography is a very popular hobby and many take it up and then very quickly give it up so eBay is full of rarely used camera gear.

If you are thinking of buying an entry level or high end camera for a Christmas present then why not buy a tuition gift voucher?  I sell gift vouchers for Christmas for an hour 1.1 tuition for £50 or £95 for two hours , local areas only.  In that hour or two I will happily go through the new camera and it’s functions and help the user get the best out of their gift without being overwhelmed by the camera manual.  If you are interested in ordering a voucher for Christmas click the link HERE and I will get one over to you.

So that’s it for this week.  In the run up to Christmas my next few blogs are going to go a bit more in depth into the pro’s and cons of my camera choices and what to look for in your purchases. Come and ‘Like’ me on Facebook to keep up-to-date with my news and blogs.

Happy snapping!

Kyra x