The Compact Camera:

In my last blog I touched on what to look for in buying a camera for Christmas, this weeks blog is going a little bit more into what to look for in a compact camera. You can also buy compact cameras that really do pack a punch when it comes to photographing documentary style but they do have a price tag to match!

The Point and Shoot:

These cameras are never going to take super fantastic photographs but they fit in your pocket and you just point, press the shutter and snap a picture and they need not cost a fortune.

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These cameras will suit anyone who just wants to snap a quick picture.  They are not bothered about sports photography or photographing children on the move, so what to look for?

Don’t Go Chasing Mega Pixels:

Manufacturers will try to allure you with talk of double-digit resolutions, these are not as good as you think.  Yes you can produce good prints form a compact with a 14 megapixel resolution but with that many pixels onto a tiny sensor there may be problems with image noise. 8-10 megapixels is more than enough.

Look For Lens Quality:

When you buy a compact you will find two zoom ranges: Optical and digital.  Pay attention to Optical Range – this is the range that the lens will zoom to without losing resolution. Digital zooming will produce poor image quality.


Some cameras offer design over functionality.  For a compact camera the point is ‘quick’ and while a camera may look cool, if the buttons are too small and fiddly and not easy to navigate it will defeat it’s purpose.  So look for ease of functionality.

As in my last blog I mentioned the Canon S100.  This has a super fast f/2 or f/1.8 lens which means it will photograph really well in low light. They also take great video with built in dual microphone systems for full wrap-around sound and of course they fit neatly in your pocket.


Small but perfectly formed:

The Fuji X100s  is a much more serious ‘compact’ and has a price tag to match at around £799.  This though is a fantastic little camera and is on my wish list!  If you want a ‘serious’ compact or know someone who is going on that trip of a lifetime this is the one. It is the smallest and lightest serious camera available and gives the best results for people pictures in all sorts of light.  If you know of a budding photojournalist or a keen traveller this camera nails it for photographing people and places. You can also grab a great deal on Ebay on last years model the Fuji X100, this is a little slower but you can pick it up for around £300.



Coming up in my next blog is the GoPro camera and some fun ideas for kids cameras and even a suggestion for a stocking filler at £8 🙂  then we move onto the more serious DSLR cameras.

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Kyra xx