The Entry Level DSLR

So you know someone who is a keen photographer and wants to delve a little deeper into the photography world.  There are many very expensive cameras out there but from experience in buying endless expensive equipment, it really is worth knowing that better pictures come from knowing how to take better pictures… not necessarily from a better camera.  Remember this when thinking of purchasing a DSLR for a budding photographer.  An entry level DSLR will come with all the versatility you want when it comes to taking photographs, packed with features and functions that allow you to take control of your photography and produce the shots that you want.


The DSLR: Called this as you view and the camera focuses live directly through the lens optically and not through an electronic sensor.

Things to look for:

The entry level DSLR will typically come with a cropped sensor, this simply refers to the fact that the sensor is smaller that the dimensions of the old 35mm film frame.  I really would not worry about the cropped sensor for a hobby photographer.

Again don’t be a slave to megapixels when choosing a DSLR.  A camera with 10 megapixels will comfortably produce an A3 size print… how large do you really want to go? It is far better to buy better quality lenses than more megapixels as these really do dictate the quality of the final image. (I will come to these in the new year.)

Look for cameras with image stabilisation, this will reduce camera shake which, depending on the camera will be in-camera or through the use of a specific lens.

In one of my older blogs I recommended the Nikon D3300 or the Canon 100D. I am a Canon girl and have always used Canon cameras but there is not much between them.You can pay a lot more for SLR cameras but these two cameras both retail at around £400, are both great for people photography and sports, it can zoom and focus to track action. You pay more for fancier cameras (£3000 plus) not because they take better pictures, it is more because expensive cameras have more advanced controls to enable the pro who know how to use them to access them at speed.

I will repeat myself a little! Better pictures come from knowing how to take better pictures, not necessarily from a better camera. For a budding photographer that has time to navigate the menu systems these cameras are great. They are better than any mirrorless compact camera as it is a DSLR, they focus fast and are fantastic in all sorts of lighting conditions.

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So that’s it for this week, next week we will well and truly be in the throws of festivities.

Check out next weeks blog which will be on inspiration and what to shoot with your new cameras!

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Kyra x