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What Is In A Smile?


Portrait photography is never as easy as you think! I have three children, all getting bigger every year, and I know from my children’s faces and expressions that their personality is not just in their smile. Capturing a series of images of a child, playing, exploring or simply having fun will convey so much more than just their smile to the camera. School photos have their place and I purchase (almost) every one, however that school smile belies a little something.. the range of expressions and personality I know they can exhibit when they relax and have fun.





Capturing Personality:

It is something I have worked for many years to master.. capturing personality.  Asking a child to sit still and pose, rarely works and you will achieve (perhaps a very pretty and arty portrait) a rather flat and unnatural portrait, and not really exhibiting the personality that you know your child to have. I need to get to know the child and also permit them them to let go and enjoy. Because I love to capture personality, part of my work is to try to encourage the children I work with to do just this, to enjoy, relax and let go, so they loose their inhibition and camera smile and not just ‘smile’ but express joy and cheek, energy and character that make every child so unique.


When I select images after the shoot for the client showcase, I rarely simply choose the ones I think are perfect, I select images with a quirky funny smile, a look off-camera, a slightly  puzzled look, the chin may be a little too high or low for a perfect portrait, they may pouting their bottom lip or giving me a sideways look! Although I often think they are not perfect, w it is usually always these images that make parents laugh and say ‘oh my goodness, that is so Isla’ or ‘thats just what he does’.


As a child photographer I love to create artwork for walls that consistently reminds parents of the children they are and as they grow and parents look back.. to the children they were. The majority of my shoots are geared towards helping children get to that relaxed and happy space where they can just ‘be’ so I can capture all their little personality quirks: In the woods, a walk along a canal and in the studio. The sessions create montages of images that are perfect for artwork series or one of my wall collages. Artwork displayed like this is so much more expressive of personality than a single, simple posed portrait.


Wall Display Options:



If you have been to Firetree for a portrait session and viewing you will know how little value I put onto digital Jpegs. So much so, I actually give them away for free, with your artwork*. When clients book a portrait session with me, they are looking for something to put on their walls or to gift to a relative. My clients investment not just the booking fee in the session but their time in coming, attending the viewing and spending time and money on outfits. For me to simply photograph and hand over a Jpeg seems a little cheap. Traditionally the job of a photographer didn’t stop at taking the photograph and editing, it stopped at the delivery of the album or artwork, beautifully presented.



This of course is more expensive for the photographer and it is so much easier, and more profitable to simply hand over a digital file, but for me this is a job half finished and if a Jpeg is simply to be used to show off on social media then sit in the digital cloud among a thousand other images what was the point in all that time and effort? I have a unique way of issuing digitals, yes of course you can purchase them all if you wish but I give them away.. for free, when you have invested in artwork for your walls*.



I have a wonderful new studio and over the summer have space for child portraits from sitting through to family portraits. I have a wide range of style choices for parents to choose from and all my sessions from July cost £55 and include a 5×7″ FineArt Mounted print of your favourite image.



Details of my product range can be found on my website HERE. If you are interested in booking a portrait session or for any further information, please CONTACT ME or BOOK HERE.


Kyra x

*Minimum spend on wall display required for free gift digital files.