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Wedding Speeches | What Works Well.

Are you dreading it? Or are you looking forward to it? Standing up in front of all the wedding guests to make a speech is not everyones idea of a good time. I have seen many Best Men and Grooms sweating it all day, worried about the speeches.

Over the years I have heard a great many wedding speeches! This blog will give you some ideas on what works the best for wedding speeches and some advice on how to make standing up and talking to a crowd a little easier.

Use Some Props

Talk about a selection of props! This takes the focus off the speaker. If you are a father-of-the bride, a selection of props to support telling stories of childhood mishaps or crazes. Best Man speeches which tell tales of misdemeanours. The props will give structure to the speech and the props will bring laughter without you having to rely on a stock of jokes.

Slideshows and Pictures

Bring tears of laughter from your wedding guests with photographs. The Best Men wedding speech in the wedding shown above, created a series of ‘photoshopped’ photographs showing the groom at various events to tell very funny stories about his personality and mishaps.

A slide show of photographs can be used in the same way, giving structure to the speech. The gaze of the wedding guests, is also focused on the slideshow and this can take some of the pressure off delivering a speech.

Enlist a ‘Little Person’

Be prepared for tears! It is lovely to hear the words of children during the speeches. You will be surprised how many don’t have the same fear as us adults. Comedy seems to come naturally to them and although you have to be prepared for them to bail out on the day, if they decide to contribute a few words, the results can be particularly emotive!

Storytelling Photography

Of course as a wedding photographer it comes as no surprise that I reiterate how important it is to find a photographer who can tell stories with images.

Wedding speech photography should tell a story, so that when you view the images back, you re-live the jokes, the tales and the humour. The photography should capture not just the speakers but guest reactions and atmosphere. If you do then decide to have an album, your speeches pages will show a visual narrative of this important part of the day.

If you would like some ideas for Best Man speeches, have a look here at Hitched who have an archive of Best Man speeches on their website

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