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I Don’t Remember That!

Okay so I know it’s your wedding day, but blink and it has gone. It’s crazy really that so much is jammed into a single day. Quite possibly a whole 24 months of planning every intricate detail.

I remember snippets of my wedding day, I do though forget who was there, I have no idea who I spoke to, or what my sister was wearing. Never mind what friends came, (I am nearing my 20th wedding anniversary!)

My point is, you think you will remember every second, the reality is you remember that it was an incredible day, probably the best ever, and you remember being surrounded by everyone you love. But… the details? the comedy moments, your cousins hair style? Nope.

Albums V Cloud

Okay so when I got married, there wasn’t much of a choice, no point having a box of negatives! Your only sensible option was a wedding album, and it was a ‘one picture a page’ number. Nice sheets of paper in-between and mine contained around 25 images. Not much storytelling going on, but I still would not have exchanged it for a box of negatives.

Digital has changed a lot of things. Significantly it has changed the idea that a physical object like a picture on a wall, or in this case, a wedding album is a good investment. Why you ask, should I pay for a single album with only 50/80 images in it when I can have all of them?

Quite simply the answer is ‘the cloud’. Choosing your images for you album is a wonderful process, of culling down the absolute favourites to create a piece of artwork that perfectly tells your wedding story from start to finish. Your Jpegs, although you should have, are just the box of negatives… given to you to sort yourself. For me this is a job half done.

digital files in a wooden box

Albums and Digitals

Having the digital files from your wedding is wonderful, but it is likely that you will haphazardly put something together yourself or they will sit, mixed up with thousands of other images.. in the digital ether.

I have been composing albums for years and work with some wonderful suppliers to create, not (in the case of my wedding) a ‘one-image-a-page’ album, but albums that tell a story from start to finish.

The Italian Complimentary Album – By Graphistudio

a couple on the front cover of a wedding album

I actually give this one away with my full-day ‘Cedar’ package. The box and ribbon can be created using over 30 different colours. I am reluctant to just hand over digital files, as I genuinely think it is a job half done, so with my cheapest full day collection, I gift an album.

StoryBook Album

I call my next album my StoryBook, because it does just that and tells a story. It is a digital album, which means it is press printed, rather than a matted album with photographs and overlays. The beauty in this, is that I can add backgrounds to the featured images to tell the story of a wedding day. Creating a narrative like this, is something you just can’t do with Jpegs sitting in the cloud!

You can also get exact replica parents and guest books with my StoryBook.

Jorgensen Handmade Matted

The last album I include in my wedding collections is manufactured by hand by Jorgensen. It has been chosen for the way I can tell a story with the layouts. I have complete freedom to move the layouts around as I create the book, so as you look through it, it tells a story.

Handmade with a choice of linen covers it’s my premium album.

And..The Digitals

So I’m not saying don’t get the digitals, that would be stupid when the world is digital. You need to have them as an archive, to keep every single shot. But don’t miss out on the album.

I had a couple visit me recently to go through their wedding plans and we were discussing group shots. We were discussing why it would be a good thing to have a group shot of both immediate families together. And I laughed… it’s not for you, I said…. it’s for your children and their grandchildren, they are going to be looking at their gran and grandad, nan and papa all together when they were joined as a family for the first time. And it dawned on my couple the significance of shots like these.

It is the same with an album. It’s not just for you, the couple. It’s for the family and future family. Jpegs have a habit of getting lost in the volume of digital media sitting in the cloud.

If you have the opportunity to have a professionally crafted keepsake, to hold in your hands, or put on the wall…. I would invest in it. So much of our memories are digital and where will our great grandchildren find them?

I am booking weddings now for Christmas 2019 and 2020. You can find information about my wedding collections here.

If you would like a 10% discount on one of my collections for 2020, please just mention that you have read my blog and I will honour it!

Kyra x

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