Happy and Emotional | Wedding Photographer Barton Hall

This was an emotional wedding right from the start! Megan had tears in her eyes as she prepared for her wedding day at Barton Hall, one of my favourite moments was seeing her fathers face as he came to Megan’s room and saw her for the first time, both shed a tear, it was very moving. Megan walked calmly down the aisle until about half way.. then she ran into Edwards arms, a very very happy couple! Megan’s brother read a particularly funny reading about a Dinosaur which was very unexpected but really funny and touching at the same time.. everyone was laughing and he was well applauded at the end.

I was a little worried about photographing this wedding as Edward is an identical twin, thankfully they wore different ties and their hair was styled differently, otherwise I would have been photographing the wrong brother for much of the day as I could see no difference between them!  Again it was a hot day with a slight breeze, I chose to shoot some of the group shots in the shade of trees which worked really well. Without wanting to much formality we had some great fun with the group shots and I then led Edward and Megan behind the Orangery for some natural photographs under the cool of the trees.

It was a very emotional and happy day, I left after the first dance with many of the guests sitting outside in the evening sunshine.  Here are a little selection of images taken on the day.