‘Hello Me!’ – Portrait photographer Leicester.

Spice Up

We are well into 2017 now and I feel like a bit of a spice up.  I have been looking through my studio portrait sessions taken over the last couple of years and love the emotion in my portraits but unlike my bluebell and location shoots I feel they are missing a little something. I feel the need to do something a little bit different. The things I love about the photographs I took of my children when they were younger were the ones where they are pulling their ‘best faces’, the grins they give me when not asked, the pout when they are having a little strop, the amusement and cheeky smiles and all the other stuff, the angry look, the shy look and the guilty look… I thought… let’s have a shoot that is geared towards catching that. So here we have ‘Hello Me’!




‘Hello Me’ Portraits that are all about creating a really fun, vibrant space with music for children (and perhaps adults!) to dance about and capture all those wonderful personality traits, unique to every child. Not staged in anyway and portraits that are not going to be what you expect from a portrait, but a collection of images that show children being the amazing little characters  they are. So often when I have parents attend viewings from my sessions their choices of images are not those that are ‘classic portraits’ of their child looking cherubic, or smiling sweetly to the camera. Usually the one’s chosen are the ones  that show a little bit more smirk, or a louder laugh… the portraits  that as a photographer I wouldn’t necessarily choose but to the parent that particular image has captured their child’s uniqueness and character in a way that can’t be staged.



Bright and Vibrant

As you know I am no fan of a white background, I want to inject a lot colour into these portraits and have sourced a lovely clean white frame moulding from my framers. So for energy we have a choice of background colour, soft energising, yellow, greens, blues and soft pink (apparently Pink is ‘in’ this year!) children need to add the most colour and unlike the rest of my studio sessions I want them to wear spots, stripes and brights, the brighter the better. It would be even more fun if children could bring a range of clothes to the studio so they can dress themselves.. what is not to love about a child’s clothing creation!




Music and Dance

These sessions are designed to get your children completely immersed in play and fun, no asking them to sit and smile nicely. If your child is a bit of a groover and a mover, loves a bit of a jump about, loves dressing up and bouncing around this session is designed to capture just this. A relaxed child, enjoying themselves will give me the best portraits. Children are encouraged to bring their favourite teddies, dolls or blankets and toys so I can incorporate them into the session, I will provide the atmosphere!




Session Bookings

I am running these sessions on set saturdays throughout April, May and June: April 1st, May 6th and June 10th, for details of the dates please go to my Bookings Page. If you would like to book a weekday session for your family drop me a message and I can book you in. I will not be running these sessions on unspecified saturdays.

Let’s see how much character we can capture!



Kyra x