Janet and David tie the knot at Kettering Park Hotel:

Families come together for the first time in years!

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I arrived to photograph Janet at Kettering Park Hotel in her hotel room with her two beautiful children and her parents. She had not seen her parents in many years, her father travelling from Thailand and her mother from South Africa for the wedding, so it was set to be a very emotional wedding. Janet’s little girl was to be the flower girl and she looked particularly pretty with her curled hair. The two children carried a very very cute banner up the aisle to greet daddy as he waited for his bride.  Their little boy was the guardian of the rings and he did his job very well indeed, keeping them safe and giving them to the registrars at exactly the right moment during the ceremony. The ceremony was held in a beautifully dressed gazebo in the grounds and typical for England the heavens opened half way through the ceremony. The hotel staff were very prepared and within seconds every guest was holding a golfing umbrella and those that were still getting a little wet all crowded into the gazebo for the rest of the ceremony. It certainly added a little drama to the wedding and of course tradition would have it that rain on your wedding day brings good luck!


We had group shots on the lawn outside, and of course the sky cleared almost as soon as the celebration drinks came out. Janet and David’s children took a very active part in all their couple photographs which was lovely to photograph. The children were up for a bit of fun with the photographs and didn’t object to a bit of play acting! Guests had a great time making faces with the ‘face mats’ that were given out on the tables during the wedding breakfast and Janet’s father made a very emotive speech, it is so nice to see families come together for weddings.


It was a very happy wedding with guests relaxing in the evening sunshine. Janet and David shared the venue with another wedding party which was agreed in advance. I loved the idea the other wedding party had of wearing something green! It meant that us photographers didn’t mix up the guests, I just had to make sure I didn’t photograph anyone wearing green! I did wonder whether we could photograph the two brides together but that may have been a bit strange.. I don’t know!  Anyway the first dance was lovely with both children joining in, there were some beautiful moments to photograph with mum dancing with her little daughter and dad dancing with his son… I left with everyone still dancing together on the dance floor.


I hope you can all be patient while I edit the rest of your gallery x