A Business Image Refresh for Joules – Corporate Photographer Leicester.

This month I headed off to Joules head office in Market Harborough to their mock shop to photograph their company directors and CEO’s for a freshen-up of their current business marketing material. Perfect for me, they wanted to avoid any corporate look and the brief was to offer a range of images that reflected the casual, relaxed and approachable nature of their company.

For the techies out there I used a simple off-camera flash for fill with a little reflector to lessen the shadows and used as much ambient lighting as possible. The mock shop environment meant I had the perfect backgrounds to capture natural, and candid-looking head shots. Utilising the clothing rails, stools and props I found on site I chose a range of backdrops to link in with their products and branding. We had the Joule’s wellington boots and a range of popular clothing and branding on display on the walls behind so it really was just then a matter of getting everyone to relax and enjoy the session for those candid images.

Here are some of the chosen favourites of the team.




Move Away From the White Backdrop! – Corporate Photographer Leicester.


It has long been a little pet hate of mine and I think gradually businesses are beginning to see the light. The increasing business use of social media and business networking sites like LinkedIn, and also Twitter/Facebook has meant the demand for good corporate photography has never been greater. The tendency for anyone using social media is to scroll down, speedily trawling through the spam and the mundane until something catches the eye. A man or woman in a black suit against a white backdrop may look professional but it just is not going to stand out.


Contemporary businesses like Joules are beginning to adopt a natural look to their marketing and branding. Advertisements are all about being approachable and the 80’s/90’s driven corporate image is changing to one that is more appealing to current trends. If you want your corporate image to be attractive across social media and your business to be approachable then it’s time to ditch the suited and booted, stiff collared look and choose an image that stands out and makes your clients confident and happy about getting in touch with you.


If you wanted a chat about what my photography and approach could do to help your business image get in touch. I often work out of clients offices to capture natural ‘lifestyle’ portraits or your team can visit the studio to choose from a range of backgrounds that will stand out from the crowd. I have brick walls, planks of wood and even concrete to take the boring out of the backdrop!  You can find out more about my corporate photography on my website HERE where I have a range of corporate packages from single sessions or larger groups.


Product Photography and Branding.


If you have products to sell and are interested in discussing a photography package for your business, get in touch, business photography and  marketing is always something that benefits from planning. Christmas hampers, spring designs and trends for autumn can all be worked into a schedule so you have your marketing photography ready when you need it. I can quote on a corporate package that includes business head shot photography and seasonal product photography so you are not paying for studio time every time you visit me. Kyra x



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