Kat and Nicks Wedding Day:

Wedding Photography Corby Cube and The Chequered Skipper:


I was very impressed with The Cube in Corby for a wedding ceremony. It has a very large contemporary space and loads of parking. Kat arrived in a Bentley wearing a stunning fitted dress she looked amazing! A London double decker bus waited outside to take the guests to The Chequered Skipper In Ashton for the wedding reception. It was a little challenging for the portraits, I asked the bus driver if he minded turning the bus around in a small country road so I could avoid the car park in the background. He was very accommodating!


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The sun kept shining for the duration of the day which was perfect. After a quick mock cake cut I photographed Kat and Nick through the leaves of one of the trees surrounding the green and left them as they sat down to their wedding breakfast. Corby Cube and The Chequered Skipper wonderful venues for wedding photography, I highly recommend a double decker bus!



here is a little peek at some of the photographs taken on the day. Please be patient while I finish the edit for the final gallery. X