Weddings At Kilworth House Hotel

A Stunning Autumn Wedding with Katherine and Paul at Kilworth House.


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Autumn is such a stunning time to have your wedding. Unlike the summer months couples usually always plan for rain and when it doesn’t it is just such a wonderful added bonus! Katherine and Paul really did have the most incredible weather for their Autumn wedding at Kilworth House Hotel, the golden sunshine, lengthening shadows and Autumnal warmth meant we had the most stunning backdrop for their portraiture.



Beautiful Bedrooms

As a reportage photographer it is important for me to be able to capture ‘the story’ and not just a series of orchestrated shots. The narrative of any wedding days is a mix of chaos and calm, tears and laughter.. so the wedding is captured in all it’s glory. It makes it so much easier for me when the bedrooms are so stunning. I have photographed bride and groom preparation everywhere, bedrooms in houses, in budget hotels even in the bar area of a family pub! To have space to move, to have large windows with plenty of daylight, four-poster beds and beautiful textiles and drapery makes for great backdrops. Relaxed, anticipated laughter with a sister sitting on the four-poster bed is  a wonderfully pleasing portrait.


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The Orangery

If you can afford Exclusive Use do! The Orangery at Kilworth House makes such a stunning location for the ceremony with its glass frontage.. all that natural light! I have photographed many weddings at Kilworth and it’s Orangery surpasses so many venues for it’s light, space and ambience. I have even attended a wedding as a guest at Kilworth and to have wedding breakfast in the Orangery is such a luxurious experience.




I recently attended an event at Kilworth and was given a talk on how Kilworth was renovated and the work that had gone into it over the years, to see the dilapidated state of the Orangery before it was renovated  was such a shock, the beauty of it now is a testament to the dedication and handwork of the current owners, you can see some more photographs HERE.




The Grounds in the Autumn

The sun shone and Katherine and Paul had chosen to have the least group shots as possible so we had extra time to make them fun, and we did! I tend to always photograph my groups on the steps, it means guests are not having to risk their heels sinking into the grass and the Orangery is a great backdrop. It did make me laugh to see a cardboard cut out face being held up by one of the Groomsmen during the portraits – an absent guest I was told, it was a very funny touch!





I spent a short time with Katherine and Paul walking through the grounds for their Bridal portraits. The Autumn colours were so stunning I was keen to capture the beauty of the time of year.




Speeches and First Dance

The speeches were great as they usually are, the Best Man drawing a lot of laughs from the guests. The Orangery again, such a great location for photographing speeches with enough space to move freely among the guests to capture their reactions. It’s just as important to capture responses as it is to photograph the speaker, I find when composing albums the reaction shots are the emotive shots and without them there is no real narrative.


The day was helped along by the staff at Kilworth House and the lovely Dean Barlow. I highly recommend having a toast master at your wedding, it is such a bonus and will ensure there are no hiccups. Just navigating guests to the right place, ensuring schedules are kept without the pressure and injecting humour is a great talent and one that is often overlooked. I used to think the Toast Master was just a bit of silly tradition until I had the experience of photographing so many weddings, now they are like gold dust!


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The evening drew in and Katherine and Paul cut the cake, I should say made by the lovely Melody Milverton (always amazing!) and they danced to a band in the Orangery. As always I met some truly lovely people who were helpful, kind and a pleasure to spend time with. I was also thrilled to learn that the marketing team at Kilworth House have asked to use my wedding photography images in their new wedding brochure, so I will look forward to seeing that when it has gone to print.





If you are interested in my natural and unobtrusive wedding photography please get in touch, i’m always happy to chat.


Kyra x