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I hope you have all had a good week. In this weeks blog I have a little update in what’s happening in the Firetree world and a sneak preview of a couple of Christmas weddings I photographed at Hothorpe Hall which really got me into a festive mood!

Underwater Baby Photography with Active Baby Company

I had another great shoot at Swim Works on Sunday photographing the children from the Active Baby Company. Images are all backed up and will now be edited over the next two weeks. I hope you can all be patient!

Bigger Sale!

I am offering a further discount on my portrait, underwater and wedding products until the end of the month. I have un-archived all the galleries online which will now show a 20% discount on products at checkout. Please use the coupon code FIRETREE20. Unfortunately wedding albums are not included in the sale. If you would like me to un-archive an old project, it doesn’t matter how far back, just let me know and I will do this for free. I un-archived a gallery for myself and finally got round to ordering an acrylic of my little boy taken 2 years ago! Sale will end at midnight on the 31st January.


Photographing Winter Weddings

Winter brings a load of challenges for a wedding photographer, there is the inevitable rain, early dark evenings and the cold! It would be easy to resign myself to just photographing inside, in the warm but once the wedding day is over and newly weds view their photography in the warmth of home, all those challenges, the cold, wed and dark are all forgotten and if all their photographs are of the inside of the venue then a big part of their wedding day story is missing! I think it is my responsibility to give the same coverage at a winter wedding as a summer wedding and although low light conditions means it is a little more challenging, I think night photography can be a bonus to winter brides.  In the summer couples can be photographed alongside summer roses and flower gardens but in the winter I can get out my off-camera flash and get creative with light!


The cold can be an issue with brides if wedding dresses are thin but for me it is all in the preparation. I try to set up all my evening shots in advance with my assistant so at the last minute my bride and groom can dash out for their night time portrait.  It helps when brides have winter shawls or coats to keep them warm.  I have fingerless gloves! The rain can also be a challenge and of course it is going to up to the bride and groom but you can have great fun with umbrellas in wedding photography. Use them as cover from the rain while I set up the shot then hold them high for the photograph. A cuddle underneath an umbrella in the rain also makes a great photograph.  You would never know but the bride in this photograph is wearing UGG boots 😉


 Winter Wedding Tips

Bring some wedding wellies or trainers to wear under your wedding dress for outside photographs. Your dress can be held up until the last minute and you won’t ruin your wedding shoes for your first dance!

Think of getting some co-ordinated wedding umbrellas. They are not expensive and your can colour match with your wedding theme. You can also get umbrellas shaped as hearts or flowers. I have a little selection of bride umbrellas always stashed in my car, you may never have to use the one’s you buy but it will add to the fun of the photography if you do!

Bring something warm. Okay so when you are going for your wedding dress fitting it may be warm and that cosy shrug or winter shawl may not be as important as your dress but in freezing rain it will be well worth the extra pennies!

Christmas Weddings at Hothorpe Hall

Devonn and Matthew

The last two weddings of the year and I was back at Hothorpe. Both weddings really were beautiful and had me in the mood for Christmas. Devonn and Matthew were married at St Mary The Virgin Church in Welford and had stunning fairy lights all along the edge of the pews and lit candles lit the church. I took them both back into the church after the ceremony for some photographs inside.  Devonn had a wonderful gown to keep her warm for her photography which helped although it really didn’t feel too cold for December! Hothorpe Hall was particularly welcoming and festive warm candles and Christmas lights setting the mood.

Here are a selection of photographs taken on the day.


Caroline and Andrew

Caroline and Andrew had a civil service at Hothorpe followed by a blessing in the chapel. The singing was just amazing. There were some very talented choristers and the singing of Christmas carols with all the harmonies and with such volume made me a little emotional! I loved that Caroline’s celebratory drink was a hot chocolate! The most memorable moment at the wedding for me was orchestrated by Andrew during speeches. Caroline loves penguins, during Andrew’s speech all the children suddenly disappeared and after a slightly lengthened and improvised speech all the children came waddling out dressed in penguin costumes. It was very funny and so touching! Here again are a selection of photographs taken on the day.


So that’s it for me this week. Next week I am showing you a new product so keep an eye out. We will get back on the tutorials soon.. I promise 😉

Kyra x