Plum Park Wedding Photography with Megan and Darren

Sack races and summer games on Megan and Darren’s wedding day.

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Beautiful Mirrors for bride prep:

I love the mirrors at Plum Park for photographing the bridal preparations. They give such unusual angles. I arrived at Plum Park early to photograph Megan and her bridesmaids getting ready. It was to be a lat wedding at 2.00 so it was a very relaxed wedding with plenty of time to photograph all the little details. Megan loves ‘sparkles’ and this was reflected in her dress and her accessory choices! I loved that her pet name for her mum was ‘magpie mum’ as they both shared their passion for everything glittery. Megan’s dress was covered in diamante sparkles and she had a beautiful tiara to match. Mum was a little frustrated for a short while in the morning as she had forgotten her necklace, I am not sure who kindly donated one but one was found to perfect her dress.  Megan looked stunning in her dress and was ready in good time for here ceremony.



Games on the lawn:


The wedding was lovely with a lot of smiles and some very good music played on guitar and sung by Megan’s brother. After the ceremony there were games on the lawn with sack races and horse shoe throwing. I loved the family group shots, everyone was really good fun and we zipped through them with plenty of time for relaxed couple portraits. As usual the gardens at Plum Park were stunning with great floral displays, it is never hard to find a good spot for portraits and natural ones, which are of course my favourites.

Selfie sticks and sunsets:


It seems a bit of  a trend this year, this is the second wedding where selfie sticks are provided for guests and I love the idea! Flip flops were also provided for the dancing feet later in the evening. Plum Park treated me very well and the wedding breakfast was served. It was a warm, balmy afternoon and the garden games were taken well advantage of. As the evening celebrations started I noticed that Darren was a little nervous of the first dance, I think keen to get on with the party! It was such a beautiful evening I stayed a little later and took Megan and Darren off to capture the sunset over the fields. As Megan and Darren shut the gate to return to the party, the moment had passed and the sun had disappeared behind a cloud, some shots are just there to be taken for such a brief second and well worth the effort.


A really wonderful wedding day x


I hope you can all be patient while I edit the rest of your gallery x