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Singing Waiters and Camper Van Style! – Wedding Photographer Leicester


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Megan and Teddy


What a crazy, happy, beautiful and funny wedding! I spent a fantastic day with Megan and Teddy photographing their wedding this summer, it really was one of the highlights of this year. I met Megan at her house for her bridal preparations, I have known the family for quite a few years now and was really looking forward to the day. Megan was super relaxed and she was so excited for her wedding day.




Camper Van Syle:


I am really not a car person.. (anyone who has seen the state of my car will get that) and I know even less about camper vans but apparently the camper van that arrived at Megan’s house was particularly special with extra windows (or something..) I suppose it was the stretch limo version of camper vans. Teddy will laugh at my lack of knowledge having spent a good part of his wedding day outside the church explaining it’s beauty! Anyway, my point is it was a pretty lovely looking camper van. It arrived to take Megan to the church and it did so in style!





St Giles Church




The church ceremony at St Giles Church in Desborough was of course beautiful and a very happy occasion. The clergy were very nice to me and I was permitted to photograph the ceremony. We decided to shoot the bridal portraits at the church and in the grounds, it was a lovely calm moment for Teddy and Megan to spend some time together before meeting their guests at husband and wife. The (very special) camper van made a good location for some of their portraits and I particularly liked the back of the church.


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Singing Waiters:


A few of my photographer friends had mentioned singing waiters at weddings and I had yet to have the pleasure of seeing them. It was a surprise organised by Teddy’s mum and half way through the wedding breakfast at The Ritz in Desborough, the ‘waiters’ burst into song and they really were incredible. The energy and volume of the music and the entertainment was brilliant, they had everyone dancing, waving their table napkins and at the end.. doing the conga around the tables. They really added energy to the meal and from there on in it was just one big party!


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Beautiful and Emotive:


As I said, I have known the family for a few years now and Megan and Teddy had been together for many years as a couple, the speeches were so passionate about their children, relationship and family it really was a pleasure to attend. The Ritz in Desborough did a wonderful job at hosting the wedding and the end of the evening saw a very happy Megan, Teddy and Dad dancing. I left the dance floor full of happy family, friends and children. It really was a fantastic day to share.




As it is nearing Christmas, you can see I am a little behind with my wedding blogs but I will catch up.


Kyra x