Wonderful winter weddings.

Michelle and Laurence and their very winter wedding at Hothorpe Hall.

Of course the majority of weddings take place in the summer, there are of course obvious reasons for this. I think in planning a wedding every couple have visions of sipping champagne in the sunshine, maybe a marquee or perhaps just a beautiful landscaped garden, a lake, all the summer flowers in bloom and of course a lot of weddings do in fact tick all these boxes. There is something though, very special about a winter wedding, especially so close to Christmas. You immediately loose the uncertainty of the weather, yes it is likely to be cold and you plan to dress for it, it also gets dark quickly so you have planned for being inside for your celebrations. If you plan a wedding in August and it rains and you are forced to abandon your champagne reception outside, it changes your plans. With a winter wedding, it pretty much goes to schedule!


From a photographers point of view they are a little more challenging than a summer wedding. It is practically impossible to photograph a wedding with gloves on so I do expect to have frozen fingers at some point if I am able to photograph outside. I also expect to be photographing in low light so plan to take my couple out in fading light and in the darkness for some of their portraits. It is not as simple to do but wintery wedding scenes and photographing really festive wedding is really quite special.


Weddings at Hothorpe during the Christmas season are particularly beautiful. The grounds have such a stunning backdrop that even in fading light there are some great places for photographs to be taken. With Christmas trees and festive lighting the weddings are always very atmospheric.


The wedding of Michelle and Laurence was on the 23rd December and it really didn’t feel like it! It was a particularly mild winter day and we managed to take all of their group photographs outside despite me being prepared for winter rain and for photographing inside. The fading light meant I could really play around with lighting and despite the chill Michelle and Laurence were more than happy to come outside after their wedding breakfast for some evening portraits.


It was a wonderful wedding and seemed to fly, everyone was in such high spirits with Christmas just a couple of days away. I think winter weddings are overlooked a little by couples planning a wedding, May and July are still my busiest months, the there is something quite special about the winter wedding and if you are always going to be worrying about the weather than a winter wedding takes the uncertainty away. And if the sun does decide to shine and the rain stay away it just makes it that much more amazing!


Here is a little gallery of photographs taken on the day.


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Kyra x