Photography Ideas For Mothers Day

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Not too much to update this week, if you are reading this on the 1st I am probably underwater photographing the babies at Little Splashers Warwickshire! I am now taking bookings for my Bluebell Wood Shoot and four spaces have been taken already. For information on any of my please visit my EVENTS PAGE.

This weeks blog I am giving you three ideas for photographing children for mothers day gifts. At the end of the blog I will show you some super gifts I have found all under £10 online that would make perfect mothers day gifts with your photographs.

Babies Hands and Feet

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If you are thinking of buying a photo gift, a mug for example or placemat (better ideas below!) then you photograph needs to be a close up, not a wide shot showing room clutter or a busy background. This will detract from the image. If you want to photograph your baby for a mothers day gift put baby on a white or plain blanket and photograph the details, as close as possible, the hands, the feet the eyes. Choose a well lit room, preferably lit with natural light. This will all be MUCH easier if baby is asleep! Try and get mums hands in to cup babies feet or hold babies finger, this will create a much more emotive image.

Rough and Tumble.


For the toddler who never wants their photograph taken encourage mum to play rough and tumble. A play on the sofa or sitting on the bed will make great natural photographs of mum and child together. If you are photographing indoors, the room will of course have to be well lit.

Mum and Daughter.

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A kiss and a cuddle.

The best photographs are natural photographs, as opposed to asking people to pose and smile to the camera. Shots that show relationships have the most meaning. You can still stage these shots but if done well, they will look as if they were captured naturally. As with any photograph make sure mum and daughter have a good background behind them, encourage a kiss and a cuddle, no matter what age your subjects are! Capture the moment with a lot of photographs, don’t just take one, If you only take one shot you can be sure someone will be blinking!

Some Photo Gift Ideas:

Mini Fridge Magnets:


How fab are these little mini fridge magnet photo frames. They are only £4.50 and a little collection would make a really funky fridge display. If you don’t want to use photographs why not get your children to colour in blank paper to fit the frames. A perfect gift for Grandma!

Picture Pegs:

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These are really cheap and a really arty way to display photographs. Print out your photographs with a white border, you should be able to opt for this at any online lab. Choose a length of pretty ribbon or garland or buy a ready made garland with pegs and bundle it up with your photographs for a lovely Mothersday gift.

Wall Art Décor.

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These are around £5 see link HERE, and a great idea if you can bundle it up with the right sized photographs for a wall display. Okay a little DIY is involved but it is very cheap and will make a stunning display. You could also choose a selection of photographs from a family holiday, or historical photographs of family moments as a gift to Grandma. The photographs could be of mum and baby for the nursery, there are so many possibilites and not expensive 🙂

So that’s it for this week. I hope this leaves you enough time to sort out your mothers day gifts you have a week to go.

Next week I have a guest blog all about Motherhood from Donna Smith who runs baby and toddler classes called Hartbeeps. I know we are all a little mum and babe orientated at the moment but did I say Mothers day was approaching! (Quite like a Ragdale Hall Voucher myself… hubby)


Bye for now. k x