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Whether it is your first or fourth child every mother will say the same, that the early newborn stage of your child’s life is over in a flash. Quite often you are coming to terms with your change in lifestyle, adjusting to having a tiny, bundle of perfection around, demanding your constant attention and care. Suddenly you realise your child, in just a couple of weeks is not so little, his or her features have changed just ever so slightly, limbs have gained some weight and you realise they are no longer newborn.


As a documentary photographer my passion lies in documenting life, be it a wedding, a family gathering or a simple portrait. My work strives to capture a snapshot of life so even in portraiture it is important to me to encourage engagement between my subjects so I am not simply photographing a smile, but their relationship to each other and family ties that bond them.




This is why I love the documentary newborn shoot so much. Yes of course it is wonderful for parents to bring their newborn child to the studio and for me to concentrate on the baby alone, photograph its tiny, perfect details, tiny fingernails and wrinkles. But the documentary shoot captures so much more, those fleeting crazy day’s when baby first comes home, the feeding, the muslin squares, the cuddles, kisses and nappy changes. All those day to day things that you are thrown into doing, suddenly turning your world upside down.


Spending a couple of hours with a family and their new baby to document this precious time is so special. Having three children of my own I can see how this could seem just one appointment too many, with mid-wife visits, breastfeeding dramas and lack of sleep. But this collage of images, tiny toes, mummy cuddles, sibling kisses, feeding and caring, are such a wonderful way to document this precious time.


Last month I visited this family for their documentary session and it was wonderful visiting the family home to see my photographs from previous sessions adorning the family walls, knowing that these images I were taking were just about to become just as precious and as the little boy grows, he will see the photography on the walls of his home and he will have an understanding of how it was for him, when he very first joined his family, just for a couple of weeks when he was just 8 days old. This is priceless.



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