Wedding Planning

It’s all in the preparation!

Hello and welcome to another Firetree blog. After a little update this blog is all about the planning that goes into photographing a wedding and some things for you to think about when you book your wedding photographer.

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An Update:

My bluebell wood shoot is booking up quite quickly, I currently only have two spaces left on the 4th May. It is lovely to see some familiar names booking on the shoot! Have you also seen the front page of the new Time For Tots magazine? One of last years photographs featured as well as a little feature on the shoot. If you are interested in booking please book HERE. if you would like a brochure with prices of products before you book, just contact me and I will e.mail one over to you.

Planning For The Big Day:


Wedding Schedule Meeting:

Photographing a wedding takes a lot of planning, It would be madness to just turn up, camera at the ready and take pictures without any idea what was happening next or what a couple had planned for their day. Every wedding is different and couples have different expectations and wishes regarding how they want the day to flow. It is very important to have a final wedding meeting scheduled with your wedding photographer. It is at this meeting that you discuss the final schedule for the day. This should include exact timings of key events, from hairdresser arrival, the time of the wedding breakfast right through to when the DJ puts his first CD. At this meeting you should also discuss how much or how little time you would like to spend on photographs, any special shots you want to be taken, a gift for example, or the ‘something borrowed’. A full list of all the group combinations should also be discussed and planned at this meeting as well as details of important family members that need special attention on the day. It may not be something that you have thought to do but you don’t want your photographer asking you for your group shots on the day, it will take valuable time up that could be spent celebrating!

Plan To Relax!


No-one want a photographer in their face all day, you need to ensure you have time to relax and enjoy your guests. With careful planning the day should run like clockwork, Your photographer arriving when expected, to coincide with hairdresser or guest arrival, the second photographer arriving to capture the groomsmen and groom getting ready, or having a drink in the bar! The second photographer knows exactly what shots are required of him/her to take at the church before the photographer arrives with the bride. Make sure you schedule in chill out and relaxing time after the ceremony. You really don’t want to rush out for photographs as soon as the ceremony is over, you want to relax and celebrate with your guests. This is the perfect time for your photographer to capture candid photographs of your wedding guests and family as they celebrate.

Enjoy the Group Photography!


Not everyone wants a photographer to spend a long time on group photography. It is a common complaint when I meet couples that they don’t want a repeat of the wedding they went to last year when the group shots took AGES and it was really boring! It is very important that your photographer has planned the group shots so they are taken in a well thought out sequence. The shots can then be taken swiftly as possible and elderly guests and children are catered for first as they are likey to tire first! The group shots should take as little or as much time as scheduled, obviously if you want a large amount of group combinations this will take more time then just a few. Make sure your photographer has given the right amount of time to schedule the shots so you still have time to relax and have time for the important couple photography. You don’t want to feel rushed on your wedding day. I always try to inject a little fun into the group photography, this brings a smile to everyone’s faces and as a result makes the final photography fun and energetic rather than formal and probably shouldn’t say it but boring!

Remember It’s Your Day.


Remember it is your wedding day, not the photographer’s. The photographer should work around your schedule, not you to theirs! Think about your couple photography, how long you would like to spend?  Some of my couples want to spend half an hour on their photography, some just 15 minutes.. remember it is your day and your photographer should work to your wishes.

Candid Photography.


When it comes to the candid stuff, it is just that… taken (almost!) without you being aware of the photographer’s presence. There shouldn’t be a camera in your face all day. Many of the best shots are the natural ones, where people are unaware the photograph was being taken. Friends lost in conversation or children playing. Often we will ask a group chatting with their backs to us to turn and pose for a group photograph, these images are great additions to the final wedding album showing family and friends naturally enjoying each other’s company. Think about how much candid photography you would like, if you have requested many group shots, your photographer may not have enough time before your wedding breakfast to photograph your guest’s candidly. It is always a balance and important to get it right at the planning stage.

First Dance Photography

700-Kirton 730-Kirton

Finally the first dance… you will always me fiddling with lighting! With low light conditions and DJ lights it can be a little challenging but something that I love to do. I set up one or two off-camera flashes, discretely at the corners of the dance floor, these will light up the scene for a split second and with correct exposure the final shot will show ambient lighting as well as lighting the wedding couple dancing. If all is going well and the dance floor is full I will stay a while before saying my goodnights to everyone. Knowing in advance the time of the first dance means that the photographer should be all set up and ready for when you walk onto the dance floor. Timing is everything!  The first dance is very short and images are taken sometimes in a one-minute window, they need to be right first time!

So there you have it, a little look into the planning that goes into a wedding day and some things to consider when you plan your wedding photography. The photographer should be a presence but should not take over or be in the way. It is important to remember that all the suppliers are there to make your day special and you should enjoy every minute of it!

I still have spaces for weddings this year and am booking now for 2016. Please contact me for more information about my wedding photography service.

That’s it from me.