Charlie + Neil | Normanton Church Wedding Photographer

This is the first proper blog on my new website. Forgive me for taking such a long time with it! Charlie and Neil tied the knot at Normanton Church with a wedding reception at Barnsdale Lodge.  The weather was amazing!

I have been a wedding photographer at Normanton Church a few times but this was the first time visiting Barnsdale. For those wanting a reception close to Normanton I recommend it highly. It has a lovely courtyard back garden and a good internal space for the wedding reception, and a hairdressers (Glow Hairdressers) on site which is particularly handy!

I arrived to find Charlie and her bridesmaids at the hairdressers and even this part of the day was fun. Champagne was drunk and everyone was looking forward to the day ahead. At Barnsdale there are lodges that guests can stay in and after the hair dressing and makeup doing.. we wandered over to the lodges where Charlie got into her dress.

Peter came with me for the day (my second photographer). He met with the boys and spent the morning with them while I concentrated on the ladies. I was glad for Peter, it meant he could photograph the guests on the buses and travel in style to Normanton Church!

The memory of the day for me was SUNSHINE! and lots of it… laughter, ice creams, buses and dancing. It was a wonderful, happy wedding.


If you are interested in my wedding photography service, particularly at Normanton Church because I love it! Please get in touch. I’m booking now for 2020 and 2021.