Weddings at The Oathill in Market Harborough |

Vanda + Nev

Weddings at The Oat Hill in Market Harborough: We had the heat a few weeks ago and now we have the wind! Good lord it was crazy. I met Vanda getting ready at The Three Swans in Market Harborough with her family and dad preparing for her wedding at The Oathill. It was a chilled morning, slightly worried about whether there would be torrential rain but it didn’t happen! The church service at St Nicholas Church in Little Bowden was lovely, with only family it was very personal. The best moment was Nev and Vander coming out of the church to bright sunshine, worries over.

Its only a short walk to the wedding reception at The Oathill so we sent the family off while I photographed Nev and Vanda in the sunshine. The wind seemed to make the whole wedding day a very haphazard, bonkers day, it was almost like the wind had injected extra energy into everything, nothing really went to plan with things that were planned outside happening inside and things planned inside happening outside. It was definitely one of the most relaxed weddings of the year so far and Nev… you went to town with your speech! (seriously about two sentences but it was great)

Best moments of the day… listening to a little bridesmaid reading in the church, Vanda and New walking out into the sunshine, watching dad and daughter have a dance together to the band and the children, hiding in the trees and causing all sorts of mischief…!

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