Lucy and Jamie | Wedding day at Pendrell Hall 

Pendrell Hall Wedding Photographer

I felt it time to try and catch up with my wedding blogs! It has been a glorious summer and we are now heading into winter and fearfully I find I have not really kept up! No wedding should miss out on the blog treatment especially one with a rocking first dance!



Pendrell Hall Wedding Photographer



Well what a stunning venue. A beautiful stately home, decorated exquisitely with beautiful grounds and spacious rooms. Just so intimate and classy!





I arrived first thing  for Lucy and Jamie’s wedding preparations. I have to say, the rooms were beautiful for getting ready portraiture, large mirrors, spacious rooms, wooden floors.. such a peaceful location. I couldn’t imaging a stressed bride getting ready here. The boys got ready in a little cottage, it must have, at one time been the gate keepers lodge. A perfect location for keeping the happy couple separated. The boys were having a fine time getting their suits on while Lucy opened a bottle of fizz in the main house. I spent a lot of time admiring her dress to be honest…!


Holding Back The Tears


There was a moment where I almost forgot to photograph. Lucy’s dad was so overcome with emotion as he waited to greet Lucy at the bottom of the staircase to take her into the ceremony room. He had tears in his eyes and having had a chat with him before hand, knew he was really worried he would lose it completely! It wouldn’t have mattered if he had of course, but the look of admiration on his face as Lucy walked down the stairs to greet him was wonderful.



Style and Elegance

Everything about the day was elegant, the ceremony the gardens, the wedding breakfast. The attention to detail was wonderful. Lucy used to (or maybe still does) ride horses and all her table numbers were welded from her collection of horseshoes… isn’t that a wonderful idea?

I think having something that personal on your wedding table is such a lovely idea. The tables were also named after all her horses.. again, such an emotive thing to do.



Rocking The First Dance

As you can imagine, I have watched a great many first dances, in fact the last one I attended the bride danced with an elephant.. but that is for the next blog! Lucy and Jamie were both slightly concerned about their first dance. Unknown to their guests, they had been practicing and had a carefully choreographed routine, however, never practiced in Lucy’s dress.

The dance started a little nervously but I have to say they completely nailed it, all the guests were clapping and cheering, many with a look of surprise that they could dance so well!




The day was perfect for them and looking at the smiles on their faces as I edited their photographs, I think they had quite a good time too!


Kyra x

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