Stolen Shoes, Sunshine And Swings | Wedding Photographer Keythorpe Manor


The sun shone brightly the morning of Sarah and Sameer’s wedding day. I met with Sarah at The Falcon Hotel for a quick hour of bride preparation. It was going to be a very busy day with a Civil ceremony in the morning and a quick change around for their Hindu ceremony in the afternoon. We had planned the day meticulously as time was short and Sarah and Sameer, they had so much to pack into their day, they did not have the time for the photography to take over. With such a lot on, what struck me most was how leisurely it all felt and how perfectly all their plans fell into place.


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The Civil ceremony was exceptionally beautiful at Keythorpe Manor, with a very emotional Sarah walking up the aisle to waiting Sameer. Most couples find getting into their wedding dress and preparing for one ceremony quite a lot to think about, Sarah and Sameer did this all twice! After a large group photo and early (very delicious) tea and cake, they both re-dressed for their Hindu ceremony. Only once did I see Sarah wobble a bit getting ready for the second ceremony. It was quite a lovely moment, watching her carefully dress in the peace and quite of the bride’s cottage while outside the sound of whistles and drums let us know that the Hindu ceremony was well underway.


My amazing and brilliant second photographer Piotr and the wonderful Tinbox Memories were outside to capture the wonderful chaos, energy and atmosphere of the first part of the ceremony and I followed Sarah as she walked down the Aisle to greet waiting family and friends outside in the wonderful sunshine for their Hindu ceremony.


Being part of and photographing the rituals of the Hindu wedding is such a special experience, Kanyadaan, Panigrahana and Saptapadi, the burning fire representing the witness of the fire-deity (Agni) and the taking of the seven steps, each of which includes a promise to each other before the fire. The ceremony is so full of meaning and love and all the rituals are beautifully symbolic in preparing the couple for how they will conduct themselves in marriage and the trust they give to each other, it is so very beautiful. What was particularly nice about this ceremony is we had the pleasure of hearing a lot of the Sanskrit translated into English for the benefit of Sarah and her family, which made it particularly enjoyable for me!


After the ceremony I took Sarah and Sameer for their bridal portraits which finished on the lovely wooden swing outside Keythorpe before they had a long awaited break from ceremony and yes… another dress change! Sarah re-dressed into her white wedding dress for her evening celebrations, all her guests rejoining the newly-weds for what I can only say was an amazing feast! The indian food, canapés and drinks did not stop coming and the rest of the evening was so enjoyable and full of fun and feast. It was a very memorable wedding, and although should have felt very busy, it was quite the opposite. The staff at Keythorpe Manor and the careful planning by the couple meant the day went by with such breeze, it was amazing.


I hope you like the little preview x