The First Batch of Fun and Funky Sessions | Super Popular Portrait Photography Leicester


Well these have got off to a flying start and I am having such fun with them! I have had such a mix of children it has been great. So with the first sessions finished I thought I should share a few of my favourite moments with you.




Choose Your Colours, Or Mix It Up.

I have had parents wanting particular colours for their home decoration which has been great fun, some wanting greens and yellows and my most recent wanting an all pink theme. With balloons to match and children arriving in bold, fun and funky clothing the portraits are such fun to achieve. I have also had parents brining in children’s favourite music to dance to! It has been very loud and chaotic here at the Manor!



Bright and Dramatic!

I am hoping parents will send me some pictures of their new artwork on the walls! I love the idea that with the bold colours and square format, combinations of pose, colour and composition can create fantastic, eye catching artwork for their homes. I will wait in anticipation!





You can book on a Saturday “Hello Me!” session HERE, or if you would like an after school appointment, please contact me, I am more than happy to schedule sessions in between 4.30 and 5.30 on a weekday, subject to availability.