Wedding Packages | 2019 Discount

Posted by Kyra Williams on March 19, 2019

Late Availability Discount on 2019 Wedding Packages. As we head into wedding season, I have a few spaces left for wedding photography this summer. Discounted or full price all my couples receive the same dedicated and bespoke wedding service that comes with over 14 years photographing weddings. I have 3 wedding packages that I offer …Read more

Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer in 6 Simple Steps

Posted by Kyra Williams on December 14, 2018

6 Steps to find that perfect and trustworthy wedding photographer. Look at their unique ‘style’. Check their experience and qualification. Study the lighting in their portfolio. Look at their interpretation of colour by looking at the Bridesmaids dresses. Do their images show a unique point of view? Look at their gallery for storytelling technique. Choosing …Read more

Megan and Teddy | Singing Waiters!

Posted by Kyra Williams on December 9, 2017

Megan & Teddy – Singing Waiters Singing Waiters and Camper Van Style! – Wedding Photographer Leicester       Megan and Teddy   What a crazy, happy, beautiful and funny wedding! I spent a fantastic day with Megan and Teddy photographing their wedding this summer, it really was one of the highlights of this year. …Read more

Katie & Dean | Dancing and Sunsets

Posted by Kyra Williams on October 6, 2017

Katie and Dean | Wedding Photography Barton Hall Kettering A Happy Sunny Wedding Day | Katie and Dean | Wedding Photography Barton Hall Kettering.       It was just so very sunny! I arrived in the morning to Barton Hall in Kettering to photograph Katie’s preparation, it was such a hot day. Katie’s had …Read more

Time For Change | Firetree Is Getting Better

Posted by Kyra Williams on September 22, 2017

Twelve Years On | Let’s Streamline Yes it really has been 12 years since I stopped editing music and ‘temporarily’ set up Firetree and as I expect with most businesses it has evolved as it has grown. I have had an extremely busy summer and as it slows down I have spent a couple of …Read more

A Crazy Blustery Day – Hannah & Kyle Wedding Photographer Hothorpe Hall

Posted by Kyra Williams on August 11, 2017

Hannah & Kyle | A very romantic wedding at Hothorpe Hall Hothorpe Hall Wedding Photography       Nervous Calm   I met Hannah at her mum and dads house first thing in the morning to find a very busy household. It was very calm and emotional. I don’t think anyone could quite believe the …Read more

The Great Bake Off With Laura & Michael | Wedding Photographer Market Harborough

Posted by Kyra Williams on August 1, 2017

Laura & Michaels Wedding – The Great Cake Bake Off Wedding Photographer Market Harborough     A Beautiful Cottage Garden & Missing Shoes     I met with Laura, her mum sister and bridesmaids at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Laughton where she was in the middle of her hair and makeup. Expecting their …Read more

David & Anne | Hothorpe Hall Wedding Photographer

Posted by Kyra Williams on July 18, 2017

Hothorpe Hall Wedding Photographer. David & Anne | A Thai Influenced Wedding   Hothorpe Hall Wedding Photographer.       I met Anne first thing in the morning for her bride preparation, it was such a lovely morning filled with excited chatter. Anne had such a beautiful dress. It always surprises me how calm the …Read more

6 Tips On Viewing Wedding Portfolios | Wedding Photographer Leicester

Posted by Kyra Williams on April 4, 2017

What To Look Out For – Top Tips on Finding a Wedding Photographer. Choosing a wedding photographer must be tremendously overwhelming. Put a post on social media asking for a wedding photographer recommendation and you will be bombarded by a very long list! So where do you start? A wedding photographers portfolio is a showcase …Read more

Michelle & Laurence | Winter Weddings at Hothorpe Hall

Posted by Kyra Williams on February 21, 2016

Wonderful winter weddings. Michelle and Laurence and their very winter wedding at Hothorpe Hall. Of course the majority of weddings take place in the summer, there are of course obvious reasons for this. I think in planning a wedding every couple have visions of sipping champagne in the sunshine, maybe a marquee or perhaps just …Read more

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