Twelve Years On | Let’s Streamline

Yes it really has been 12 years since I stopped editing music and ‘temporarily’ set up Firetree and as I expect with most businesses it has evolved as it has grown. I have had an extremely busy summer and as it slows down I have spent a couple of weeks giving the business a bit of a review.




It has struck me that I have always photographed a lot of everything, and I have enjoyed all of it but I want to put my energies into the areas that work best for me. It made me look objectively at the business and it dawned on me that over the last 12 months all the families, weddings, children and businesses I have photographed, all but a handful have booked me off-site, in gardens, at country houses, in office or warehouse premises and as much as I love my quirky little studio, hardly any of my work is photographed there! So it is time to let it go.


I had a birthday recently and perhaps it is a getting older thing but I want to de-clutter, de-stress and simplify so this is exactly what I am going to do.




Family Portraiture

What drives me with all my photography is to document and not to pose. I love relationship and emotion, not over-styled, formal and stiff. Perhaps this is why the majority of my portrait bookings are clients that want me to photograph a family get-together at a family meal, or want to take me with them on a walk in the woods. Family occasions, anniversaries and weddings are where I feel at home. My Bluebell wood shoot and Autumn sessions fit perfectly but posing families in the confines of my studio just isn’t working for me.




In the new year my clients are to be getting a range of beautiful, natural locations to choose to have their portraits taken. I already have a little list coming together so new for 2018 will be a choice of location settings for natural portraits.



Business Portraits & Visual Media

The majority of my business clients are asking that I attend on-site for either lifestyle, natural photography or with a backdrop. This I don’t mind, and I am loving at the moment. This is an area of my business I am thrilled with and through my Firetree Visual Media website I am enjoying producing creative videography for marketing and am meeting some really exciting businesses. I have a feeling this area of my business will go from strength to strength.




Video and Photography Workshops

Coming in 2018 will be a series of workshops and taster sessions on business photography and video production. I am hoping to run these at the Innovation Centre in Market Harborough. I  have recently been awarded an NBV European Union funded development grant to support this area of my business. I love getting back into editing and creating stories through moving pictures, and teaching my experience, it is after all, where I started.


These are not going anywhere! I love my weddings and they are going to stay. One reason why I wanted to keep my little studio was to continue to have my wedding meetings there but a little miracle has happened! I have met a lovely lady called Katie Dodd who runs a Bridal Dress shop called ‘Katie Dell Bridal Designs’ we are going to be working together and my Brides and Grooms (to be) will be able to meet me and look through my albums and discuss their wedding plans in the beautiful reception area of Katie Dell’s Bridal Boutique at The Manor!




All Good Things



So quite a few changes are happening in the Firetree World so please bear with me while I go through this transition period. I will be sad to see the studio go, I love the community spirit of The Manor and all it’s little businesses and I will miss Miguel and Fernando the Alpacas! However this is right for me, the website will have a little overhaul and in the new year there will be an all new, streamlined Firetree service. Some things may fall by the way-side but a new, fresh, de-cluttered and streamlined Firetree is coming your way and it will be a little more perfect!





Kyra x.