Hello All

I hope your week has been good.  In this weeks blog I am going to show some highlights from the last underwater photography sessions of 2014 and I am going to show you a brand new product I am introducing to my range. I thought it would also be good to bundle it up with a portrait session for a valentines gift so details of that are to follow.

Underwater Baby Photography

I have already shot my first underwater session of the year and have two shoots coming up.  I thought this would also be a great time to showcase some highlights from my 2014 shoots.  I love photographing babies underwater, as a photographer it has been a great learning journey. I started out wanting to photograph children ‘candidly’ underwater, casually during their swim lessons. The swim schools I worked with liked this idea for an approach and we did run a few shoots like this in the early days. Although this sounds like a lovely idea, in reality I soon realised that the magical shot that parents want of their children underwater with no ugly pool tiles in the background, no parents hands, legs or assistants wet suits is rarely achieved candidly. Also the composition of water and it’s effect on light also has a major impact on how you photograph underwater (to be discussed in a later blog I think!), this means that candid underwater photography with no lighting set-up meant I could not guarantee the clarity or colour quality of the images. Over the years I have compromised on my ‘candid’ idea and developed a method of photographing babies that I feel has the right balance of structured, lit underwater photography and candid documentary poolside photography.  Every session is structured like a lesson with songs and play, this means I have not only has satisfied parents with that sparkly and magical underwater image but also happy babies and children.  Some of the babies even smiled underwater for my camera but I feel I have to give my swim schools some credit for supplying me with some super confident underwater babies! Here are a selection of images from my winter sessions.  The subject of underwater photography will certainly be a feature of a future blog 🙂

New Product: The Bamboo Panel

Bamboo 3 Bamboo 4

I love a new product! I try not to have too many products as it can be a little overwhelming but I saw this and I fell in love with it. In fact I showed it to a client before Christmas who immediately purchases eight 16″x16″ panels as a wall set! It looks so organic and natural and a fantastic alternative to the acrylic panel and Box frames that I currently sell. It is 20mm thick and can be purchased as a desk product to stand alone or as wall art for a dramatic wall display.  I love it’s beautiful wood detail on the edges showing the bamboo composition.

Valentines Day Photography Gift:

Valentines day is fast approaching so I thought to show off my new product to you I have bundled it up with a £125 portrait session for a valentines day gift. The price includes a two hour session with me plus a 5″x5″ bamboo panel. If you would like to find out more please contact me HERE. If you have yet to sort out your valentines gift then hopefully this will tick the box.

Bamboo 2 Bamboo 1

End Of Sale

Sadly, at the end of the week we will come to the end of my January sale. Many thanks for those orders, it has been nice to un-archive a few old galleries, it takes me back in is always nice to see how my work changes and evolves over time. With photography I am always learning and love the fact that I feel there will never be a point when I know it all!

So that is it from me this week.

Have a good one.