One Take Wonder! Do you have something to say to start 2017?





Visual information on social media is becoming far more important than just having something to say and saying it with text. Information is now fed to us on social media channels at an exceedingly fast pace. We scroll quickly down our Facebook timelines looking for interesting content the same can be said for LinkedIn and a tweet with a visual clip is instantly more eye catching that the tweet its self.

Shift To Visual Social Media – ‘A Picture Speaks 1000 Words’






There has been a massive shift in the way we communicate especially online and we are now in reality using visual social media so share our messages. Image-based social networks such as Pintrest and Instagram have grown at exponential rates and these platforms are breaking all records. Text is simply getting lost in the huge mass and speed of information delivered to us daily on social channels. Visual media streamlines and delivers your message much more succinctly than just text alone. For more information on this shift to Visual Social Media please see the link HERE for a good blog.


What Does this Mean for Business Marketing?


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Look at the stats, in 2012 alone, You Tube has passed 4 billion daily video views and Pintrest has become the 2nd larges driver of traffic worldwide!


Firetree Visual Media



2017 is bringing with it, an expansion to the business. With increasing demand in media for social content I am introducing a range of services to help my corporate clients.  2017 is going to bring about some advances to Firetree with time dedicated to helping businesses leverage the power of visual marketing. I will be helping businesses learn how to use video, photos and other visual media in their online marketing, increasing their chances of reaching people with their messages, this in turn increasing their exposure with visuals that drive traffic to their websites, products and services.



A beautician for example, with a series of video clips on how to treat problem skin is going to see many more shares of their social posts and thus more traffic to their website than a sales post on a discount facial, a Lawyer is going to have more engagement on a short clip on some legal do’s and don’ts, a child minder giving some top tips on children’s activities either as a short video or photograph is so much more interesting than a post promoting their amazing childcare facility… food for thought isn’t it?


Working Together


This is a little uncharted territory for me, so in January and February 2017 I am dedicating some of my time for free to test the water. Are you a business owner who feels they want some advice on visual media? Do you feel your business is not getting heard and what some help to shout louder? I am offering free half hour consultations to discuss how visual media can support and help your business. It’s not a sales pitch and there is no catch, I want to learn what you want to say.


Do you know what you want to say?


Have you plans already and are desperate to shout about it? Do you have a message you want to get out about your plans for 2017 and would like to video it for social media? A 17 year old pro-vlogger with gorgeous young skin, a pro at pouting for those selfies (been doing it for years) full of the self confidence of youth – make it look easy! But is is not easy putting yourself in front of your own camera with no professional sound/editing or lighting. I am offering hour sessions at the studio with pro-sound and lighting, direction and with a quick edit included throughout January and February for £150. This includes edit and help with creating your own YouTube channel if you don’t already have one. The hour session is for a quick vlog straight to the camera and not for more complex videos needing further videography and cutaways to products.


Skype, Call or E.mail

Not sure if I can help or want to find out more, drop me a message. I’m keen to hear all your business plans for 2017.

Here’s to a very happy and fulfilling 2017! x