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Glitter Canons, horses and carts, double decker buses and tears! – 2016 Favourites! – Wedding Photographer In Leicester.

Well wedding season this year has drawn to a close and what another brilliant year! I thought I would take the chance to share all the moments that went particularly well this year. Every wedding has it’s highlights and as a wedding photographer I am always in the middle of the action so don’t miss a thing, here are my favourites from 2016.

Beautiful Dresses


Wedding dresses16

Always a highlight of any wedding for me are the dresses and this year there have been some beauties! One of my brides had not let anyone see her dress throughout all the fittings and preparations and had planned a dress ‘reveal’ on her wedding day. The dress was a surprise to everyone with unusual red embroidery and beading. Such a range of dress styles this year and none that were a trip hazard! Some advice for any brides-to-be reading this blog, when you choose your wedding dress make sure your shoes don’t clip the bottom of the dress, there is nothing more frustrating than trying not to catch your shoe on the bottom of your dress as you walk down the aisle. It is also always worth giving your self extra time to get into your dress, those fiddly ties come together so easily at the dress fitting but when your groom is waiting with  all your guests downstairs or at the church, hands start to sweat, shake and what has been given 10 minutes to do before the car leaves will suddenly take twice as long! I have tied two dresses this year when the sweats set in!


All In The Details



It’s all in the details! I have loved some of the tiny details that have gone into making this year’s weddings so personal. Joke socks, personalised necklaces and cufflinks, surprise gifts on the morning of the wedding. It are these personal touches that really give each wedding their individuality and often a lot of humour!  I loved the little Paige Boy at Samantha’s wedding who had himself handcuffed to the rings! Brilliant.


From A to B




This year has had top marks for innovative transport! There is always going to be some logistical challenges when the wedding is at one venue and the reception at another. I seem  to have had it all this year, running alongside a beautiful horse and cart taking Sarah and Daniel from their parents pub to the church and back in Braunston, I chased a MASSIVE vintage car down the road at Hothorpe Hall, I think it was an old fire engine originally which took Charlie and Richard from home and church to their wedding reception. We even had a double decker bus to take guests from Corby Cube to  the wedding reception in a village in Ashton. I nearly hitched a ride on a golfing buggy until I realised the ‘secret location’ for photographs was really just a short walk from the reception at Brampton Heath Golf club. It really has been brilliant capturing all the fun as my brides and grooms have tried to get in and out of their chariots with dignity and capturing villagers and bystanders waving happy couples off from the church.

Cake And Table Names




Always a highlight for me is photographing the wedding breakfast room, just before the guests view it, with candles lit and all the tables decorated beautifully. It is the perfect time for me to photograph the cake and every one has been so different this year. Something that struck me this year has been the innovation behind some of the table naming. I have photographed tables named after nightclub venues my couple visited with a brilliant festival table theme, they had miniature cider bottles as wedding favours and tiny glamping tents for the table names.  Samantha and Michael also added a lovely touch at their wedding with every table named after a family or friend who had deceased so they were present at the wedding.  Alicia and Sam who had printed photographs of them at ages one, two, three and four to correspond to the number the tables… all such unique ideas and all making the wedding so personal to the bride and groom and their relationship.


The Tears And Emotion!





The key to great wedding photography is spontaneity and having the foresight and ability to capture emotion. Having photographed many weddings I have become used to being ready for capture the most elusive moments which can all too easily be passed over and often happen in a split-second. It is also equally important to know when to give a couple breathing space. No matter how emotive a photograph is of a groom crying as he watches his bride walk down the aisle, one or two photographs is enough, part of the skill in photographing the emotive moments is knowing how to do this discreetly and not to embarrass or make a show of it.





I love the first dance, it is so important to photograph it well and to make sure I not only capture the foreground but guests in the background. I always use an additional flash to make sure I can correctly balance my foreground and background lighting so all the ambience is not lost. It is always so emotive. My best moment of 2016 was actually a father dancing with his bride, Tia’s dance with her dad, at the end of the night.. both were so caught up in the moment and the emotion on dad’s face as he held his newly wedded daughter was priceless.

Simply The Fun!





And of course just plain simple fun! every wedding is full of it, every family member and friend have spent weeks if not months looking forward to the big day and when it arrives you are swept into a day so carefully planned and full of champagne, food and entertainment there is just so much fun to be had. Most couples have planned games and entertainment and there is nothing more enjoyable than photographing everyone having fun. I think it is also important to inject fun into the formal portraits, you really do need a few group shots, it is so rare to get families together and if I just photographed candidly there is a good chance if Aunt Maureen is sitting in the corner drinking gin, she may just get one photograph of her drinking gin! It is so important to ensure I get all those important people together for some family portraits but it often isn’t something that everyone enjoys doing. I make sure that the group shots are not only quick but also fun! I am not a big fan of being really formal with stiff portraits, I would rather a bit of energy and I find guests enjoy  this approach and the photography is much better for it.



As with all my photography I prefer to concentrate on the moments that happen naturally. There is no need to stage the majority of shots at a wedding, being able to let the wedding flow and candidly photograph the day as it unfolds before me produces the best photographs and also images that are totally unique to you x





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