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The Art of Juggling Plates | Women In Business

Any woman in business, who not only has a family but becomes book keeper, marketeer, business woman and everything else that life throws you way, will understand what it means to juggle many plates. Just reading the list above… family portraits, wedding photography , business photography… reads as a very long list. You could also add Underwater Photographer and Newborn photographer to that list!


Over the last couple of years, as my family has grown and the business has grown I have long felt the need to streamline and to re-structure  so I am not wearing so many hats. I can go from filming a large business on a Thursday, photographing a newborn baby on a Friday and a wedding on a Saturday.  All requiring different lenses and kit and a different focus. I have felt very stretched and it’s not just the moving from one job to the next, its managing the marketing, writing the blogs, giving each area the attention it needs. I have been pondering which area I love the most, what part of what I do gives me the best work/life balance and it has been difficult as all areas give me the same reward!


Time Management and Life Balance


Since I enjoy all areas of my work equally I decided on a different approach. I sat down and with the tools my very good Business Coach Jacqueline Day gave me I worked out what areas fitted best with my family life and would help my business grow and move forward. A little nod here to business coaches, they are worth their weight in gold! I kid you not, to be taught how to look objectively at your business, see it’s direction and take the emotion out of decision making is priceless.


Wedding Photography





This is something I absolutely love and couldn’t part with for the world, this was a complete no-go area. It fits so nicely into my family life and I love to document, so to be able to capture the happiest day of anyones life is such an honour. I have become super efficient with editing and I also set my own limits to how many weddings I take on a year, so this just had to stay.



Business Photography and Video


I do actually blame this area of my work on my increasing need to streamline! My business portraiture and video work has almost trebled in the last two years and I am quite often working on more than three projects  at the same time. I am producing not only website videos but helping businesses understand their social stories for social media markets.  I work with them to produce not just single media items but bundles of media to build and develop their social communication over a period of time. This area fits so well with my media and documentary experience and as it is relatively unchartered territory in terms of visual production. I need to give it a lot more attention that I have been able to. I have recently collaborated with a fantastic drone operator and have a second videographer to help with my workload.





Onwards and Upwards

So I have decided stop photographing families and children.  With the weekend bookings and all the marketing that goes with it, I feel this is the right time for me to move forwards. A little sad though as I look back over the last 13 years of family portraits…but I’m not one for looking backwards! Wedding bookings are coming in pretty fast for 2019 and already have bookings for 2020. This means I will have more time for additional weddings, especially in April when I have traditionally been in the woods. And of course, more time to focus on my business work.


I am running a week of last studio portraits between the 19th and 24th November. These are discounted sessions with prints and digitals for Christmas presents.  I will also be running just one day of the Bluebells next April as a few regular clients have e.mailed wanting to book, so I will make one last visit to the woods. (Bookings are can be made for bluebells towards the end of the year).



So for the future, watch this space! I am working with a few collaborators at the moment to bring smartphone video tuition to local businesses as well as a fantastic social media partnership which has been a few months in the planning.  bear with me while I tweak and get everything back in its place again.


Kyra x