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The Art Of Wall Display

Valentines day is fast approaching and it is always hard to think of the perfect present! I thought I should share with you some of the wall art and display products you can purchase from Firetree for valentines day gifts.

I have always been a big fan of high quality wall displays and have been saddened over the years as digital files have become the preferred format for photography. Photography as an art form, has always traditionally been displayed on the wall or in albums. The work of a photographer used not just to include the photographing and processing but also the presentation of artwork. It is this final stage that has gradually declined over the years. While digital Jpegs offer a wider range of options for couples to print and share their images, often they sit among thousands of other photographs in the ‘cloud’. Purchasing beautiful artwork for the wall or spending time organising images into an album often takes a back seat in our busy lives.

Over the many years I have been photographing, I have sourced the highest quality artwork for my images and I can also put together hand mounted FineArt prints for self framing. What could be nicer on valentines day to receive one of your favourite wedding images on a canvas or acrylic frame. I can also create beautiful wedding collages from a selection of images.


Wall Art Products

Have a look through the gallery below at some of the valentines day gifts I can create here at Firetree.


Laminate Box Frames and Fine Art Prints

This collection contains a 16″ Laminate box frame with a metallic edge and a box of 5 hand mounted FineArt prints. My box frames come in a range of sizes from 10″ through to 30″ and you choose from a range of moulding colours, black, white, gunmetal or oak. FineArt Prints can be purchased individually or in packs of 5 and as mounted 5×7″ or mounted 10×8″. They are all packed up and ready to frame.



Collage Frames

I can compose bespoke collage frames using a collection of images from you wedding, these make beautiful wall displays. The square collage below features 9 6×6″ FineArt prints and is 24 x 24″ in size. My mosaic collage features 7 images and is an overall size of 38 x 32″ and is a wonderful and unusual design.

Acrylics and Canvases

I also sell a full size range of acrylic panels and canvases starting from 10″ up to 40″. My canvases are professional quality and are stretched over a solid block so don’t sag over time, they are also UV coated for fade resistance longevity, the UV coating also gives the canvas a much richer appearance.




Hand mounted FineArt print prices start at £30 with box sets of 5 costing £150 and my wall art products start at £200 for a 10″ canvas. Please get in touch if you would like the cost for one of my wall display products. If you order wall art products before the 31st Jan they should be ready for collection before Valentines Day. Print orders have a much faster turnaround and the last order for these is the 7th February.

*Costs listed above exclude delivery costs. I prefer collection on larger items but couriers can arranged.

You don’t need to have been photographed by Firetree for me to create beautiful artwork from your digitals. If you have been given print licence from your photographer and you would like your wedding photographs displayed on the wall, get in touch!

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