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Trends in photography have come and gone over the decades. I spent many a session being photographed by my father in the 70’s and 80’s in his studio when the plain white ‘high key’ back drop was the rage, trends in photography always come and gone… fairy wonderlands, victorian childhood set-ups, interesting cropping for that abstract look! I have watched trends come and go. With my parents still having portraits of me taken in my fathers studio on the wall it makes you realise how incredibly important it is to get it right… Are you still going to think that portrait is worthy of wall space in 20 years time? Will it still be on the wall or will it be relegated to the attic of embarrassment for its cheese factor or dated design?

Me my dad and sister.. taken quite a few years back!


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Telling A Story | Portrait Photographer Market Harborough

Backgrounds to portraits do change as trends change, at my studio in Tur Langton I try to avoid the plain white and currently love subtle textures and neutral colours to give a warmth to portraits to compliment home styling. This though is not what makes an image timeless, it is the content every time. I remember when I was a mobile photographer visiting the home of a client quite a few years back now and I photographed father and son, playing ‘bear hunt’, I photographed them both interacting togetherbw2044. I had a recent newborn session with a newborn who had a Star Wars fan for a father and we incorporated props from his Star Wars collection. Another time I was pretending to be ‘test shooting’ before their portrait session and I photographed two sisters teasing each other. This to me, is what makes an image bring the same smile to your face 20 years later and will keep making you smile. If you can give your image character, not just a smile but capture something that reminds you of character, a relationship or a personality, the artwork will never be relegated to the attic, it will always remind you, not just of that child, sister, brother, gran.. as they were at that age, but you will be reminded of how they were, their personalities and their relationship with you.





Bear Hunts and Tickle Fights, Love and Laughter

 – Portrait Photographer Market Harborough-

Any portrait photographer can photograph a smile to the camera, with limited technical experience you can get a child to ‘smile’, even if it’s not the best portrait in the world, you could give the image an arty ‘crop’ and perhaps twist it a little to funk it up, or put an arty filter on it to sell it. Will this sort of image though? Will it give you that emotive tug on the heart in a few years time? From years of working with families and children and from watching portraits evolve over the years the sort of images that will stand the test of time are the photographs taken of a dad playing bear hunt with his son, the framed pictures of two children giggling in the bluebell wood, of sisters teasing each other in the studio, brothers throwing leaves in their wellington boots in the woods and the little baby cradling his star wars figures at 6 days old. These are the ‘memories’ that make a portrait timeless and worth keeping. A smile is a smile, that’s not a memory.

Artwork That Stays Out Of The Attic!


IMG_9042-Edit-Edit-2I fully encourage families to bring props to my sessions, hobbies and passions, favourite books and toys. There is no ‘formal’ with my photography, that is just plain dull. my photography is and always will be a document. I believe that portrait photography is not just about light, about mastering the camera, about the arty backdrop and props, it’s finding in that short space of time you have with that family or child, what makes them tick, how do they engage with each other… capturing this and giving them the confidence to share this with me is one of the most important parts of my job, and this is what will create a lasting visual memory.

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