Wide Awake! – When little babies won’t settle. – Newborn Baby Photographer Market Harborough.

It was a couple a weeks ago now I came to photograph this beautiful little girl. I thought it would be a wonderful example of the shots I can achieve if baby does not settle so well for the session.

I photograph babies in the first 10 days of life for a few reasons, one of them being how well they can settle for their session. Some of the advanced poses I place babies in can only be achieved when baby is fast asleep. Of course all babies are very different and with every session I attend, one of the things I do is to hold baby and settle and by handling baby I get a feel for what poses they will comfortably and safely settle in for their photography. One of the questions I ask mum at their pre-shoot consultation is whether baby is likely to be bottle or breast fed. This may seem a strange question but quite often breast fed babies behave differently at a session to a bottle fed baby. I breast fed all my children and remember it very well – in the early days of feeding worrying that baby had not fed enough, baby being on then off the breast with no visible routine and having read all the books thinking that there should be one!  Breast fed babies can sometimes comfort suck and therefore feed for longer, and unlike with a bottle, you can’t tell if baby has fed a lot… or not at all! of course this doesn’t mean they are not getting enough milk, they just get a little and often, which is perfectly fine! And as for routine this of course comes over time and is nothing that mum has to worry about.

When I know baby is breast fed I come prepared for a lot of feeding which is one of the reasons I ensure I save a good 4 hours for my newborn sessions. It is so important that baby is getting the comfort and the time he or she needs in these very early days of life. The photographs are so important and special but it is also important to respect the fact that mum has just had a baby and this little bundle of flesh is not just a pretty prop but a very precious and new child that needs just as much care during it’s newborn session as it would at any other time.

This little girl was doing exactly what my little girl would have done for her session (if she had had one!) she fed and settled then when mum handled her to me she promptly woke up and wanted to be back in mums arms! Of course, I can understand that! I photographed her around the feeds and also set up some of my shots for awake shots, making sure baby was swaddled and happy.  A few of the shots I settle babies into that are fast asleep are not safe to practice on babies that are not fully settled. Most awake babies love the side pose, this and poses where baby is positioned on their back gives me great opportunity to photograph babies open eyes. This little girl was very happy to engage with me and some of the poses with mum and dad are just perfect.  If baby doesn’t settle well for some of the poses it doesn’t mean you don’t get a lovely set of photographs from your session, those awake shots are some of the most special and some that are not often achieved when baby sleeps for the session. Every session is completely different with babies responding differently to touch and position. Working with each baby is part of the challenge of newborn photography, gauging how baby is most comfortable, safe and how best to pose baby for the perfect set of photographs.

Here is a little selection of images taken that day.


Your full gallery is nearly ready mum x