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Winter Family Portraits | Family Portraits Leicester




This session was a lovely reminder to never worry about the weather! With the studio there is always a plan B if it is hammering it down but so frequently I am blessed with the most stunning weather whatever the season. This family portrait session proved just that. Booked late winter with a distinct chill in the air we planned to use the cottage garden if the weather was fine. It really could have gone either way but we had with the most wonderful, low, winter sunshine.


It was the first family portrait session for this little boy and he just loved it. Being outside, and at that perfect stage of sitting but not crawling, we were able to get a precious beautiful set of natural family portraits.


Just don’t be concerned about what the weather will do. It is England and the sun will shine on the most surprising of days! We always have the studio as back up and as I often do, I am happy to photograph in both.


Spring is on the horizon now, I can feel it in the warmth and glow of the sun. The cottage garden is getting ready to burst, if you are interested in a spring session, now is the time to book. As always my saturdays are prime  time and do tend to get booked up at least a month in advance so don’t leave it too late. You can Book online HERE. It is probably worth dropping me an e.mail first to check my availability.


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